I have bitch face syndrome.

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October 4, 2010 // 4:26 PM

I actually haven't blogged in ages. LOL. Instead of studying... i wasted two hours on the internet... yay... :( I was on a roll this morning but then i gave up. LOL.

I was supposed to go to Jeffery's today but chuu knoooowww, MY MUM DIDN'T LET ME. HAHAHAHAHA. Oh well... I'll just lay here and be fat.. OMG. I NEED TO WORK OUT!!!!! MY STOMACH'S GETTING FAT, OH MAH GAT.

I know why i haven't been blogging lately cos i haven't really been doing anything.. LOL. I went to the library four days straight.. IT'S ACTUALLY PRETTY FUN, YA KNOOOOOOOOOW!!! HAHAHA. OMG!!!!!!!!! MY MUM BOUGHT GELATOOOOO, WOOOOT!!! Anyway, THE LIBRARY IS FUN. You can check out guyssss, hellll yeaaaaahhhh. Kidding. There's no one there. I barely get any work done though... :(

I'M GONNA DO THIS EVERYDAY FROM NOW ON... starting from tomorrow, LOL. Ah, this guy is so funny. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.