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November 26, 2010 // 9:00 AM

For the past few days, everyone has been at camp. :( I texted Lisa and she said she was having the time of her life. -CRIES- I'm having the time of my life at home, hoe! I have one more episode left until i'm done with watching Season.. 7 of Project Runway? Ah, i love this show. It's so good. I wish i could sew. :( I told me mum that and she told me to go to TAFE after HSC. Maybe i should just learn now.. somehow. :'(

I went Parra yesterday with Grace and Vanessa yesterday. :D I didn't end up buying anything. LOL. I didn't even buy any jewellery for formal. :( AT LEAST I'M GOING BANKSTOWN AND DFO TOMORROW! YAYYYY. :D I love testing out make up. :D I don't know if i should buy concealer and foundation just for formal! :( Grace didn't end up buying the nice Review dress and instead decided to stick with her original dress and alter it. LOL. I hope it goes alright, haha.

Mr Nguyen thinks my whole physics class is made up of dumb asses cos he didn't hear any of us answer his question. Only a quarter of the class turned up cos everyone was at camp, formal and whatever. Obviously, we were the quiet ones. LOL. AFTER PHYSICS, I WENT TO THE GYM. I just don't belong there. HAHAHA. PILATES WAS REALLY FUN THOUGH. :D I'm really unfit. LOL. Don't laugh but i'm a bit sore right now. HAHAHA. :( TWO MORE FREE DAYS! I want to try out Zumba. ROFL. Or yoga. :D

Wendy just texted to me to everyone woke up at 5 to watch the sun rise. Whatever Trevor, i was sleeping and now i'm watching America's Next Top Model. HAHAHAHAHA.