I have bitch face syndrome.

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January 12, 2011 // 4:36 PM

So, it's been a while. LOL. I say that in every single post now... but really, it has been a long time since i last blogged. I'm actually in an internet cafe in Vietnam right now. Omg. Vietnamese music sucks. It's so bad. LOL. What do people blog about these days?! THEIR LIVES? I don't have one. :( I can tell you what i've been doing here. :)

All i do is watch tv, watch movies and sleep. Oh yeah, i eat too. EVERYTHING IS SO CHEAP. AN ICE CREAM IS 25 CENTS. Are you kidding me?! 25 CENTS?! It's cheap ass heavennnnnnn. AHHHH. A BOWL OF PHO COSTS $1. Come on, $1. I don't eat pho but still, THAT'S CHEAP. Such ridiculous prices.

My cousin from America told me i had a strong British accent. Are you retarded?! :| I don't sound british at all. Damn hoe. He'd always tease me about it too... :( 'Say CAR', 'LEAVE ME ALOOOOONE'. :( I had to walk down the aisle with him at my aunt's wedding. That was embarrassing... D:

Anyway, for all the bitches that complain about one stupid mosquito bite.. I HAVE AROUND 50, OKAY? :( You think you have it bad! My cousins told me i should sell my diamonds and i'm like say whut!? Then they point to my poor little mosquito bites.

I can't find my sunscreen so, i might be black when i come back. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. :( MY WORST NIGHTMARE. Also, i haven't been doing my tutor homework either. OH NOOOOOOOO. I'm gonna be both black AND stupid. Oh man. LOL.

I think i'm gonna go now. I CAN'T WAIT TO GO TO THE BEACH WHEN I GET BACK. WEEEEEE. Yeah, that's all i gotta say. BYE. :)