I have bitch face syndrome.

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January 30, 2011 // 10:35 AM

Why hellllo. I can't believe school's on Tuesday. I can't be bothered. I wish i could stay home forever but that's not real life, is it?! :( I'm not excited for offline maths. Christie says helllll no to waking up early. -sigh- I'm gonna catch the 7:21 train, JUST SAYIN' IF ANYBODY WANTS TO JOIN ME. I know Vivian won't cos her sister didn't catch that train. Oh well, fine. Hmph!

THE WOMAN AT THE UNIFORM SHOP TRICKED ME INTO BUYING THE NEW SHIRTS, according to Vanessa. OH, hell to the no. $31 a shirt?! Kill me nao. Well, at least i didn't buy everything new? YAY TO CHEAP, SECONDHAND STUFF! :)

Speaking of secondhand stuff, Vanessa and i went to... uhh.. Salvo's and Vinnies yesterday! Vinnies was a complete failure so we walked back to my house and... we got honked at a few times. We didn't understand why since we're the fugly sisters and all. LOL. But, when we got back to my house, Vanessa told me my dress was see through. WTF, it had two layers. :( Knowing that, of course i ran and changed. HAHAHA. Don't wanna get raped, ya knoooooow!

Then my dad drove us to the Salvo's in Canley Heights. GUESS WHO WE FOUND THERE? Ahoho, GENEVIEVE! She was lookin' pretty fine in that apron. Dayuuum. HAHAHAHA. We told her we were looking for jeans to make into shorts but she said there was nothing. THEN SHE SAID THERE WERE SASS & BIDE SHORTS.. they were size 8 too. Weeeeeeewwww! LOL. $3! Too bad they're not high waisted. Aw well. SUBMERGE ARE HAVING 20% OFF ALL SHORTS! I'll check that out today! ;D

I just realised when i blog... it sounds like i'm talking to myself and when i say LOL or LMAO orrrrr HAHAHAHAHA, i sound like an idiot. LOL. There i go again.. laughing by myself. Haaaaaahaaaaaa.

ANYWAY, ARE YOU ALL EXCITED FOR SCHOOL? Who the hell am i talking to... LOL. I can't wait to wear the new uniform! Woooo! GOODBYE DIARRHOEA DRESS.