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February 2, 2011 // 6:11 PM

Ah, school. This week has been so damn hot. On the first day of school, i had a huge sweat patch on my back. LOL. Man, i was even sweating on the front so.. i had to pour water myself and so nobody knew my little, sweaty secret. Thanks to Jacqueline for that idea! HAHAHAHA. But seriously, why is it so hot?! Our weather really is bipolar.

I had offline maths today. Ah man, sow early. I felt really paranoid that i woke up at 5, afraid my alarm wouldn't go off at 6:30. IT'S HAPPENED BEFORE AND I DIDN'T WANT TO BE LATE. :( Julia goes to school early for fun? WOWOWOW, who the heck goes to school that early just for fun! LOL, oh Julia. :') Once i got to school, i was alright. Easy, breeezzzy, beautiful Covergirl. HAHAHA. LOL, jk. Covergirl is evil.

I DIDN'T GET TO EAT MY POTATO SALAD TILL LUNCH. COS AT RECESS.. I WAS EATING IT WITH MY FORK THEN I DROPPED MY FORK. BEING MY STUPID SELF, I THREW THE FORK IN THE BIN. I'm a dumb ass, right? LOL. Our group went to the interact meeting today! I discovered that it was only me and Jacqueline who weren't going to be apart of the nem nuong stall. LOL. Meh. Anyway, weeewww, we signed up to help with Valentine's Day. THE MEETING TOOK UP THE WHOLE RECESS SO I DIDN'T GET TO EAT MY FOOD. :( :( :(

Ag was kinda fun! We didn't do anything interesting but.. it was fun. Mr Schippers talks so quietly. I'm a bit deaf so.. we don't really mix. HAHAHA. Better pick my ears before ag... HAHAHAHAHAHA. Okay, too much information. :$

FOR SPORT, WE WENT SWIMMING. I didn't bring my swimmers so i jumped in fully clothed. It was fun. :D I had my glasses on... HAHAHAHAHAHA. I'll make sure to remember to bring my swimmers for swimming carnival next week! :) Farrer's theme is pretty hard to dress up for!? Freaky fairy tales? WHAT IS THIS? LOL. :( Hmm.. i actually wanted to dress up this year but nooo! LOL. VIVIAN AND I SHOULD COME AS HANSEL AND GRETEL.. haha. That'd be different.. and yeah.. Oh my gosh. I'M NEVER GOING TO SEE VIVIAN IN THE MORNINGS EVER AGAIN. EVER, EVER, EVER AGAIN!!! :( NOOOO. I have offline morning classes on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. She has offline morning classes on Tuesday and Thursday, with another offline afternoon class on Monday. :( Oh man. So i'm stuck with Kitty and Mike.. HAHAHAHAHA.

I'm changing from art to PE! Art is so.. i don't know. It's too relaxed and i don't feel motivated to do anything in art. LOL. There's a 3 day hike for those who do PE. Oh hell no. HAHAHAHAHA. I'll die, LOL. :( What is that supposed to teach? I'm unfit?! Gosh. LOL. I already know that. :(

Can you believe by next i'll be doing my HSC and there's actually less than 2 years of school left? Seriously, what the hell? I'm not ready to be independent. LMAO. Brb while i cry to my mama. Kidddddddding!

I just went on Tumblr and there was a (1) next to the messages. I GOT SO DAMN EXCITED AND THEN.. my heart sank to only find out that some guy was just advertising his new song. Oh hell to the no. DELETE. -cries- I live a sad life. LOL.

NO PHYSICS TUTOR TOMORROW. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! :D Time to do homework, gooodbyyyyyyyyyyyeeee!