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February 6, 2011 // 8:50 PM

This picture is completely relevat cos i'm hungry right now. :)

So, I went to Fairfield Showgrounds on Saturday and i forgot to take some money off my aunty. WHOOPS. :$ I turned up and hung around Vivian for a while. I DIDN'T EVEN GET TO SEE THE CRAZY GIRL, VIVIAN. :( That bitch better have found a Gretel outfit or she's gonna have to fly solo. LOL. Anywho, yeaaaaaaaaaah. OMG. THEY GAVE OUT FREE WATER. YESSSSSSS. And we got to eat one pancake thingy. :| 12 for $7.. SO.. THAT'S APPROX. 60 CENTS FOR ONE. I whipped my calculator for that one! AHAHAHA. :$ We walked around a few times. I felt sorry for Vivian cos she had to hang out with Danica for a while before i could come in and save her. It's not that Danica's boring or anything, it's she knows too many people and you always end up looking all awkward and stupid with her. LOL. THAT'S WHAT HAPPENED TO ME WITH LISA. Oh lawd.

Vivian eventually had to leave me to sell lotto tickets. Aww, cute. At around that time, my aunty called me to tell me that we had to go home cos she got bored. :( I DIDN'T EVEN MEET UP WITH LISA YET. Ah. I ran into Lisa at the front gate and that's where she told me to stay. Aw, how sweet. LOL. Yeah, she said she'd drive me home at 10, 10:30 being the latest.. but i ended up getting home at 11. :(

We met up with Kenny and Nibraas. THEN THEY DECIDED TO GO ON RIDES. OMG, the ranger was so scary. THAT RIDE WAS A BITCH. If i had paid for that ride, i would've cried. D: LUCKILY, Lisa bought my ticket. We never even got to go on the Love Express, which would've been nice after a horrific ride SUCH AS THE DAMN RANGER.

It was so gross. WORSE THAN VIETNAM. GOSH. Everybody was all hot and sweaty. TOO MANY SHOULDER BUMPS. EURGHHH, so gross. They didn't even say sorry. Bitch, this ain't Vietnam, you gotta have some manners. I DID END UP EATING CORN THOUGH. It was boiled corn.. where the good corn be at? :( Oh well, at least i didn't pay for it. HAHAHAHAHA, gosh, i'm a bitch.

Kenny is a horrible driver. I should've just driven the damn car on my own. I didn't know that there could ever be a worser driver than me but Kenny proved me wrong. LMAO. Lets hope Kenny doesn't get his L's soon. Australia likes their pedestrians alive! LOL. Oh, i dropped my phone in the car. STUPID RIGHT? So when we left... i had only realised till later that i'd dropped it. IT'S SO SCARY LOSING YOUR PHONE AND IT'S ON VIBRATE. Oh lord. But, yeah. We found it. So, yay. :)

After that, LISA RAN INTO HER STUPID MOUSTACHE FRIEND. Like bitch, find your own friend. GOSH. You won't be seeing a Facebook friend request from me. Your loss. Hmph. Yes... after she ran into the moustache man, i was third wheel for the whole night. It was like.. YOU COULD FEEL TELL I WAS THIRD WHEELING. LOL. :( When they spoke to someone.. they'd butt me out. Bitch, i'm still here. :| THEY TRIED TO GET RID OF ME. That hurt my feelings. LMAO. Then moustache man said he felt sorry for me, but i knew he was lying. Bullfreakingshiiiiiiiiiiitttt. :)

WE RAN INTO JACQUELINE. Her and her friend taught me how to look like i was blending in. I was doing all these weird poses... they really didn't reel any boys in so i just looked like an idiot. HAHAHAHAHAHA. OH weeeellllzzzzz. I had to hold their bags while they went on a ride together. Me holding their bags would've been the best forever alone picture. Just sayin'. HAHAHAHAHAHA. That's pretty much the whole night.. i did not see many of duh cutie boyz. Where's Grace when you need her!? LOL.

Oh yeah, i'm flying solo on Thursday. Slutty wolf murderer ftw. :) SOMEONE BETTER COME AS LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD SO I CAN SAVE THEIR LIFE. :$