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May 15, 2011 // 3:18 PM

Being hipster at Joki's party... HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. HIPSTERS DON'T CARE ABOUT RINGWORM, ALRIGHT? LOL. Cool gif, Manisay. ;D

We all met up at 10 but somehow ended up getting to Joki's at 12... I have no idea how that happened. LOL. I didn't know taking a bus would take that long. :( ON THE TRAIN, LISA TOLD US HOW A RAPIST USED TO LIVE NEXT TO HER AND HOW HE ASKED HER TO HANG OUT WITH HIM AND HIS FRIENDS. Oh mah gad, so scary. I feel for you, girlfran. D: Mitchell plans to name his son Nicholas and daughter Manisay. DON'T YOU BOTH FEEL VERY HONOURED? LOL. Manisay HA! HAHAHAHA. Holly Cao! AHAHAHAHAHA. Too funny.

MACQUARIE LINKS IS SO COOL. I FELT LIKE I WAS IN THE SIMPSONS DURING THE TIME THEY WENT TO THAT COUNTRY CLUB. HAHAHA. So awesome! THE POOL WAS SO PRETTY. Too bad none of us went swimming. :( All we did was take pictures. I didn't play tennis at all. LOL. I ate too much and had a stomach ache. :'( HOLLY'S CUPCAKES WERE SO NICEEEE. OMG. I saw rainbow cupcakes on tumblr and it looked disgusting.. THINK OF ALL THE ARTIFICIAL COLOURS! Holly's cupcakes were an exception! :9

Somehow, Kat and I ended up planking everywhere. I only realise now how dirty it is. HAHAHAHA. I WAS ON A RECYCLING BIN AND MY FACE DID NOT TOUCH THE BIN. LOL. So, hmph. :( It was fun. :D

JOKI HAS SUCH A COOL HOUSE. THERE'S PICTURES EVERYWHERE AND SHE HAS SUCH A CUTE DOG. AWWWW, her dog was huge but it was nice and soft. Ngawww. THERE IS ALSO A WALL OF PICTURES DEDICATED TO JUST JOKI! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I took some pictures of it. HEHE. ;D Her sister is so cute as well! I think Joki has a genius family. LOL. Her parents are pretty cool. 8) I really like the dress Lisa got her. Omg, so pretttty. JOKI LOOKED HOT IN IT. She better wear it to informal or something. :9

I saw these orange jeans at GPC when i went to the city and i really liked them. TODAY MY MUM WAS ALTERING A PAIR OF THOSE JEANS AND OMG, they're beautiful. They're $200. Effing hell. LOL. I swear if i bought the exact same pair from Jay Jays, people would look at me funny and think i'm a freak. IF I BOUGHT THE KSUBI ONES, people might say that they're nice just cos they're branded although some may still say that they're ugly. PEOPLE ARE JUST ASSHOLES LIKE THAT. But anyway, yeah. I DON'T CARE IF YOU THINK THEY'RE UGLY, I LIKE THEM. They feel really nice too. Ah. Ksubi have a whole damn range of colourful jeans so suck my balls for thinking that i'm a total faggot. LOL.

I had to do a speech at tutor today. I hate speeches. :( I GET ALL RED AND STUMBLE OVER MY WORDS LIKE AN IDIOT. I hate the sound of my voice. WHY DO I EVEN HAVE FRIENDS? I realised everything about me is annoying... HAHAHAHAHAHA. Anyway, after tutor me and Marge went to eat. MARGARET ACTUALLY LIKED THE VEGAN MEAL. VEGAAAAAAAAAAN. I was very surprised.

I just came home from this charity thing and all the food was shit. AT LEAST I GOT TO CATCH UP WITH IVY AND ANDY. YOY. I turns out they don't have internet and Ivy doesn't have a phone. :( I'm so tired... i'm gonna do my maths homework and then sleep. :(