I have bitch face syndrome.

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May 3, 2011 // 10:53 PM

Gonna wake up at 6 to study tomorrow! Waste so much of today doing nothing, shit. Why do i do this to myself? IT'S MY FAULT I FAIL, WHHHHHHY?!? :(

PMS TIME... HAHAHAHAHA. I saw this thing on tumblr.. i don't know what it was but it's like.. cute things boyfriends should do? Something on the lines on that. Okay, some of the stuff they say is cute. One of them said.. kisses me during my sentence. OH HEEEEEEEELLLLLLLL NNNOOOOO NIGGGGGUUUUUH. Excuse me, i was telling an amazing story until you interrupted me. The boy won't be getting an 'awwww' from me. Bitch, please. Kiss me as a reward for my awesome story. WHY DOES EVERYONE ALWAYS SAY THEY WANT A PLAYFUL RELATIONSHIP.. dude, all girls want that. Well, most i know say that. It's so annoying, like shut the hell up, please. I GET IT. I don't even know why i go on tumblr since i get annoyed over little things like this. BEST TUMBLR: FUCKNICETHING'S TUMBLR. Oh mah gad, some of the stuff on there is a bit dirty but the rest makes me crrrry.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ANNE! You didn't even eat much pizza. Shame on you. YAAAAY, YOU GET TO HAVE SEX NOW. Good for you! LOL.

That's all for today. Bye.