I have bitch face syndrome.

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May 7, 2011 // 7:21 PM

I went DFO today! I planned to read Huckleberry Finn this morning but that didn't end up happening cos i started to watch Masterchef. MASTERCHEF MAKES ME REALLY HUNGRY.. AND THEY WERE COOKING THIS STUFF I WOULD ACTUALLY BE ABLE TO EAT. Oh mah gad. But when the guy was beating the octopus on the rock... :( That made me sad so i turned off the tv. HAHAHAHA.

I couldn't sleep last night cos i kept thinking about how badly i did in physics. :( I'm not sure if i did but i wrote W = Ft instead of Fs.... FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRK. WHAT KIND OF RETARD DOES THAT... OH, I DON'T KNOW? ME? OMFG. I'm so stupid. Oh my effing god.

Enough about that... :( I BOUGHT TWO THINGS TODAY! I shop way too much... :( :( :( Like mother, like daughter. :'( Anyway, i bought this black and white, knit dress from Portmans and a cropped, knit top from Dotti. YYOOOOYYYYYY. :D

Omg, i just remembered... I HAVE TO BUY JOKI AND SHIVANI A PRESENT. Omg, Vivian as well. I hate buying presents cos that always involves money unless you're buying something for your best friend. :D If you're buying your best friend something, it could cost $5 and they wouldn't care. That's probably just me though... HAHAHAHA. That reminds me! VIVIAN HASN'T GIVEN ME THE BRACELET SHE MADE YET. She lost her one but i still have mine. :( WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?! :( OUR FRIENDSHIP IS LOST FOREVEEEEERRRRR.

There's nothing to listen to these days. When i'm in the car, i listen to the radio. Everything on the radio sounds the god damn same. FKLDFKFJKDF. It's all that dance shit, like.. stfu. AT LEAST SOUND DIFFERENT! Everyone sounds the sameeeee. :( EVEN NE-YO... WHHHHHY?! What's with his tonight song?! WTF. I am disappoint. LOL. Usher used to be cool too.. what the hell happened?! :( When the radio is off, my parents will listen to their vietnamese music... i'd rather endure crappy music than the beats of minh tuyet or some shit. LOL.

Other than in the car, i haven't downloaded much music lately. MARIAH CAREY BORES ME NOW. IN HER SONG 'ANGELS CRY', SHE SOUNDS LIKE A WEEPING DOG, FFS. LOL. ALL I LISTEN TO IS ESCAPE THE FATE. AHAHAHA. I remember when i used to looooooooooveee them until Ronnie Radke went to jail for murdering someone. Then he got replaced by this guy that sounds like a total faggot. :( NOW RONNIE RADKE IS CRAZZZZZZZZY, well, last time i checked he was.

Nicki Manaj looks so good in her new video. She's got a lot of surgery done though.. but who cares! SHE HAS A HUGE ASSSS. HOW DOES SOMEBODY'S BUTT GET THAT BIG?! I AM SERIOUSLY JEALOUS. HAHAHAHA. Every time i mention a huge ass, i think of Liza Chao. Sozzzzz brrruh. ROFLMAO. HAHAHAHAHAHA.

Oh yeah, i hate it when smart complain to me about losing one mark. Suck my dick, bitch. I lost 5. Do you see me crying?! LOL, probably not cos you can't see me... but still. Point is, i should stop talking to all my friends cos they're geniuses that make me feel like shit. This happens to me wayyyyy too often. I should lock myself in my room and stay there forever. HAHAHA.

I don't want to write a speech for tutor tomorrow... that's why i tried to make this post as long as possible. HAHAHAHA.