I have bitch face syndrome.

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May 8, 2011 // 10:08 PM


It's mother's day today and all my family did was eat pizza. HAHAHAHA. FATTIES FOR LIFE! Yeah, i didn't get my mum anything cos i don't have money and she thinks i have weird taste. LOL. :( I found out today that my mum used to have a hot boyfriend. WTF, I COULD'VE BEEN BEAUTIFUL! EFF LYFE. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Poor daddy, LMAO. At least my dad looks like Jackie Chan, that makes everything okay. :'D

Omg, my mum told me one of our ugly family friends is getting married to a white man soon and she's into white guys cos she wants to have hot kids. THAT IS SO SMART! I MIGHT BE UGLY BUT MY CHILDREN CAN HAVE A CHANCE AT BEING BEAUTIFUL! HAHAHAHAHA. I SHOULD DO THAT... oh mah gad. Hot half cast babies... well, not really. It's kinda 50/50 with half casts. :(

I HAVE TWO DAYS OF FREEEEEEEEEDDDDOOOOOOOMMM. YAAAAAAAAAY. :D I'm not sure if i'm going to the library tomorrow cos Julia hasn't replied to me yet. :( I can't be bothered, it's too cold. :( I'm probably going to try and start on that thingy for physics. :'( CITY ON TUESDAAAAAAYYYY, YAAAAAAAAAAY. What is there to do in the city anyway?! OMG, I CAN SWIM AT JOKI'S PARTY NOW. YOOOOOOOOOOOOYYYYYYYYYYY. I thought it was this week, but it wasn't, so.. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY. :D AND I GET TO MEET HER HOT FRIEND, oh my goodness. She's so beautiful. I've probably said all this before but i don't care.. HAHAHA. Nothing exciting has happened lately. :(

I can't believe i finished watching Jersey Shore. NOOOOOO. :( I don't care if you think it's trashy, it's so funny! LOL. I LOVE JWOWW. I ONLY REALISED HOW HOT SHE IS. Oh mah gad. Her and Roger are so cute. I LOVE SEEING CUTE COUPLES. Hehe. :'D I think i'm gonna start watching Community now cos i watched two episodes today on tv and i thought it was pretty good. :D
I think collarbones are pretty.. :$ BUT.. omfg. There was this time where all these faggots full forced their collarbones to show. Like, dude, you look like a complete idiot. Can you just stop? FFS. You look like a complete douche bag. They full thought it looked hot and shit... LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLL. You're a joke. I like it when they naturally show. I don't know... THEY'RE JUST LOOK NICE, OKAY?! Don't judge me. :(
sexyblackman - Fa'Nay Nay said:
i can't eat jelly
Albert said:
sexyblackman - Fa'Nay Nay said:
why are you even talking to me
Albert says:
*because i love you why else ==
sexyblackman - Fa'Nay Nay says:
*go write your story
Albert says:
sexyblackman - Fa'Nay Nay says:
Albert says:
*i thought you would be like EWWW
sexyblackman - Fa'Nay Nay says:
*i'm calm as a farm, negro
I just realised i'm a total bitch. No wonder why everyone calls me mean. HAHAHAHAHAHA. I don't really mean it... it just seems like i am... bitch, stop being so sensitive, especially Albert. He always gets offended by the stuff i say to him. LOL. Albert reminds me of a dog. HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAAHHAHAHHA. Woof. I remember the time i was calling out his name but he didn't look. I kept out calling out his name and then i walked into a pole. I'M NEVER BEING NICE TO YOU AGAIN, YOU BITCH.

I'm starting to miss school now. :( THIS IS WEIRD. LOL. Omg, i don't know whether or not i have offline maths on Wednesday.. uuhhh. WHAT TO DOOOOOO! Ah, i just want to go to school again. :(