I have bitch face syndrome.

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May 23, 2011 // 6:17 PM

Yaaaaay! PHYSICS IS OVER! I'm pretty sure i failed... i found the test really hard, even with my notes. :( STUPID TEST. Oh well, too late now!

I HAVE CAMP TO LOOK FORWARD TO! :D I can't be bothered packing. I planned to pack today... eff that. LOL. I'LL PACK TOMORROW! YOOOY! I'm going to Livo tomorrow to get the cardigan i really wanted! IF IT'S NOT THERE, I'LL CRY. LOL. :( I don't think i'm going with anyone... :'( I'm gonna go by myself. I hate shopping by myself.. it's so lonely. :( I DON'T WANT TO CATCH THE BUS HOME. WHAT A WASTE OF MONEY! I don't want to walk home either cos my aunty told me this story about how her 56 year old friend nearly got raped. Oh mah gad. Anyway, I need to make a list on what i need to bring! I LOVE MAKING LISTS. :D YOYYY.

OH MY GOSH! GUESS WHAT! Before, on my ranking slip for eco it said i got 48/60 for my exam so i was all like WDF IS THIS?! I full told everyone about it and told me to not tell. HAHAHA. TODAY, MR CARTER HANDED OUR EXAMS BACK AND IT TURNS OUT I GOT ONE EXTRA MARK! YOYOYOYOYOY. I didn't do that great though... ONE MARK MAKES A HUGE DIFFERENCE!

I'M IN THE GROUP STARFISH AT CAMP! YAAAAAAAY. :D I have Julia, Yvy, Genevieve, Michelle and Shivdawg! YOY. I think it'll be fun. :$ Omg, i hate all that shit which involves heights. I don't care if you call me a pussy, i'm not afraid to admit that i am. IT'S EFFING SCARY, ALRIGHT? If they make me do it, i will roll into a ball and burst into tears. Even when i do it... i keep my eyes closed the whole time or else i'll have a heart attack after realising how high up i am and all of the horrible possibilities such as suddenly falling to my death. LOL.

I have a new girl crush guys.. CASSIE. OMG, SHE'S SO HOT. Aw man, so jealous. She has really nice lips, they look so soft. -cry- She can sing, dance and she's hot. WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT IN A WOMAN? Oh lawd. She looks so good in long way 2 go. Plz marry moi.

I need to meet Jackie Chan before i die. MY DAD DOESN'T COUNT, HAHAHAHA.

I probably made heaps of spelling mistakes in this post.. oh well. Ah, i have to wake up early tomorrow! BYYYYYYEEE GUUIIIISSSEEE.