I have bitch face syndrome.

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June 5, 2011 // 9:05 PM

His voice is so smooth. Oh. My. Gosh.

YAY, my blog reached 10000. YYYAAAAYYY. LETS PARTY! LOL, just kidddding. I remember there was this one point where i'd get around 100 views a day and people would send me messages on formspring. Clearly, i'm not very cool anymore. LOL. It's so exciting getting an anonymous message, even if it's a bitchy one cos you know there are people out there thinking of you. :'D

I have decided i want an atar of 97+. I GAVE UP ON 90+. I was talking to my mum about how hurlstone makes mac fields look bad by taking a lot of their smart people away. LOL. MY MUM THEN SAID TO ME, 'Just cos you go to Hurlstone, it doesn't make you smart. LOOK AT THE DOCTOR'S SON, ONLY 93.' Oh man. My mum doesn't even think i'll get 90 which makes me sad cos your parents are supposed to believe in you the most. I really hope she was joking. :(

Argh, Huckleberry Finn is so boring. Maybe i just hate reading... cos i fell asleep after i tried to read it. Effing hell. MY RANK FOR ENGLISH IS GONNA DROP SO BAD AFTER THE NEXT ASSESSMENT TASK. I hate speeches. I always get so nervous. THAT REMINDS ME! I HATE THE SOUND OF MY VOICE. I SOUND LIKE AN ANNOYING FAGGOT. WHY DO I EVEN HAVE FRIENDS? LOL.

Well, the whole point of this post was to say i reached 10000 views. LOL. I actually have more than that cos i accidentally deleted my counter. HAHAHAHA. TIME TO DO SOME MATHS HOMEWORK AND SOME DUMB ASS ETCING. BYYYE.