I have bitch face syndrome.

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June 2, 2011 // 9:06 PM

I seriously can not be bothered with my blog post about camp. I'm pretty sure no one will read it cos it's so long.. seriously. LOL. :( I might finish it if i'm bothered.

I JUST FINISHED SHOWERING. I CLEANSED AND EXFOLIATED MY FACE. My face feels so beautiful right now.. ONLY IF YOU COULD TOUCH IT. Oh mah gad. It has never been this smooth... EVER. Fine, i was just exagerrating but you get the point. :c I ran out of moisturiser... I'M NOT SURE IF THE ONE I USE IS FOR OLD LADIES. LOL.

OH MY GOSH. I SCRAPED MY KNEE FROM SITTING ON DANIELLE. LOL. I was hoping it would bruise.. but it didn't.. waaah. :( I LIKE BRUISES, OKAY? It feels good when you press on them. I WILL FIND SOMEONE WHO LIKES BRUISES LIKE ME... one day... I've said this so many times but i haven't found anyone yet. :c

Today i learnt that Liza last name shouldn't be Chao.. BUT CHAR.. or chair. LMAO. CHAO IS HER MUM'S LAST NAME.. SO TECHNICALLY HER NAME IS LIZA CHAR CHAO! HAHAHAHA. It sounds like kapow.. so i kept screaming CHARCHOW whilst punching the air. No wonder why my tutor thought i was sick.. SHE CALLED ME A POKEMON. HAHAHAHAHA.

Yeah... that was a post i made on Thursday but never posted cos i'm gay. HAHAHAHAHA.

I went to the careers expo yesterday and i didn't really learn anything. I didn't get many freebies either. LOL. I'M JUST MORE CONFUSED NOW. I don't know what i want to do with my life. Help me. :c Waaaaaah. Oh yeah, THE WAY EVERYONE PLAYS MAFIA IS CRAP AND BORING. SO SORRY. LOL. By the way, a mafia is a group of people.. ONE PERSON IS NOT A MAFIA. STOP CONFUSING ME BY ADDING IN ANOTHER MAFIA. LOL. When they said LETS HAVE ANOTHER MAFIA.. i was so confused and thought there would be two seperate groups of killers. Oh dear. SOPHIEA IS SUCH A FUNNY DIRECTOR. HAHAHAHAHA. She tells the worst stories cos none of them make sense. I WAS THE KILLER FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER AND I WON!!! YAAAAY. Well, all the killers lived except for Shadman. LOL.

Omg, this atar calculator is so depressing. MY DREAM IS TO GET AN ATAR OF 97+. My mum doesn't even think i can get 90... which makes me kinda sad. :( My mum is so mean. Yesterday afternoon she came home from work and randomly hugged me. She said to me, it doesn't matter if everyone thinks you're ugly, you're beautiful to me. EXCUSE ME? ... DOES EVERYONE THINK I'M UGLY? My feelings, bruh. HAHAHAHA. DAT INSENSITIVE HOE. LOL. Now you all understand why i'm a bitch. It runs in the family. LOL.