I have bitch face syndrome.

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June 17, 2011 // 8:33 PM

So, my speech is due on Tuesday and i'm stuck on what i want to say.. omg. I wish i were hot so i could just be a model. WHAT IF I WERE A GENIUS? Too bad i'm neither.. life would be so much easier. LOL.

I miss Facebook and Twitter... :( WHY DO I GET NOTIFICATIONS WHEN I CAN'T LOG ON? WHHHHHHHHHHHY?! :( Damn you, Grace. I'm getting less work done without Facebook and Twitter.

I ATE WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY TOO MUCH BREAD TODAY. SIX SLICES OF BREAD. I'M GONNA GET FAT COS OPRAH SAID WHITE BREAD IS BAD FOR YOU. LOL. Oh man. I have nothing to blog about so i'm just gonna tell you what i ate today. HAHAHAHA. Today i ate half a bread roll with egg in it, two sandwiches at school, instant noodles after school THEN TWO HOT DOGS FOR DINNER. OMG, I DIDN'T EVEN EAT THAT MANY VEGETABLES TODAY. HELLLLLLLLLLLLO IRON DEFICIENCY. Waaah. :(

Man, i hate pms. LOL. I get annoyed at everything little thing. Sorry frands. I hate it when i'm annoyed at someone and they think i have pms. Shut up, you're just annoying. THIS. ALWAYS. HAPPENS.

I really miss being a kid. I used to be adoraballs.. HAHAHAHA. 8) When i was looking for my birth certificate and then i found this cute bag in the closet. What is dis?! It turns out my mum bought it before i was born for $50 and never used it. HAHAHAHA. Duh cutie. 8) THEN, INSIDE IT WAS ALL THIS FILM. I found old passport photos of my mum and dad. OMG, MY MUM WAS SO HOT AND MY DAD LOOKS LIKE HE'S ONE OF JACKIE CHAN'S COUSINS. I think my dad looks more like Jackie Chan now cos he's older and his eyes are more squinty now. Ngaw. I love my parents.