I have bitch face syndrome.

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June 10, 2011 // 10:00 PM

Something very funny happened during physics today. So, Fat Chao was listening to trotface talk about electricity or some shit. LOL. BEING THE BAD ASS THAT I AM, i wasn't listening and came up with something hilarious to do... i sat there for two minutes laughing at the idea.. I'M FUNNY, ALRIGHT? DON'T JUDGE ME. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA. THEN, i finally stopped laughing. I took Liza's pen and waited for the right moment... THEN.. CHAR CHAO!!!! I STUCK THE PEN UP HER NOSE. HAHAHAHAHAHAHHGJFHDGKDHFGDJHGDHGHDAHAHAH. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL. Funniest thing ever. HAHAHAHAHA. I was laughing and everyone went quiet. I bet they all think i'm a retard. LMAO. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. FAT CHAO HAD A PEN UP HER NOSE. HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA. She tried to get revenge but she failed.. LOL. She still has my pens, dat faggot.

This is completely relevant cos i was just talking about Liza Chao. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Dat ass.

Something crappy also happened during physics... i got my rank slip back. I expected to drop some ranks but not this many... :( I WASN'T SAD AT FIRST BUT THEN LISA WAS TALKING ABOUT HOW SHE WENT UP SO MANY RANKS DURING MATHS so.. then i was sad. Waaah. :(

We had to foot paring today.. of course i didn't throw any sheep cos i had my blazer on... HAHAHAHA. KIDDING, i'm just weak and didn't bother trying. LOL. All Julia did was say.. 'aw, dey so kyoote' and touching them like the creepy bitch she is. HAHAHA. Lisa had a sheep's head between her legs and she was serenading it. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. No one could actually throw a sheep except for Mr Schippers. I REMEMBER THE TIME MR SCHIPPERS FELL DOWN, WHICH REMINDS ME OF THE TIME WHEN KENNY TRIED SHUFFLING BACKWARDS BUT FELL ON HIS FAT ASS. HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHGFHGDKHGD. LOL. Good times.

I may be skinny but i'm the most unfit bitch you will ever meet. LOL. I HAD TO RUN FROM ECONOMICS TO THE TRAIN STATION. Oh my.. :( I HAD MY MATH TEXTBOOK IN MY BAG TOO... i looked like a stupid turtle. :c Well... i always look like a turtle cos my bag is so huge. I DON'T GET HOW EVERYONE CAN USE SUCH TINY BAGS. I DO NOT UNDERSTAND HOW!!

After school, I went to eat chips with Anne and Julia. I ATE CHIPS TWICE THIS WEEK. Omg, the chips were so nice though. :'D I didn't even have to pay for them. YOY. :') We just sat and talked about everything, as Anne said. LOL. IT WAS SO FUN! We should do this every week, ladies. LOL. Vivian came out of nowhere... i swear she was hiding behind a bush or something.. HOW DID SHE KNOW WE WERE THERE?!?! Dat hoe.

I'm gonna dedicate this long weekend to catching up on work. :( I should be reading huck finn. BYE! :D