I have bitch face syndrome.

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June 24, 2011 // 9:04 PM

This post will be kinda long cos i'm gonna talk about my whole week AND i'm too sad to study for maths. :(

JUST COS I'M BLACK, IT DOESN'T MEAN I LIKE WATERMELON... it's just a coincidence that i do... THAT'S WHAT I SAID IN MY SPEECH AND EVERYONE LAFFED. LOL, jk. I'm too pussy to say that. It would've been so funny. :c If i get 9 for my speech, i will cry. Not really.. at least give me a 10... or another two digit number. :( Ahhhh. I DON'T WANT TO DROP RANKS FOR ENGLISH. I understand why i got a C for english now.. :(

My speech was so shit compared to everyone else. According to Jacqueline, she said someone got 9 on the day i spoke! OMG, RIDICULOUS!!! THAT MUST'VE BEEN ME COS ALL THE GOOD PEOPLE SPOKE. AW DAMN!!!! Danielle was so good! BUT FUNNY AT THE SAME TIME... i sat in front of her and she was yelling at me. I got really scared. I COULD HEAR HE LISP SO CLEARLY. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, duh kyoote. Jacqueline said she forgot her sentence every single time she looked at me. HAHAHAHAHAHA, it's okay... i don't bite. ;) AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Silly Jacqueline.

My throat got really dry at the end of the speech. I think i strained my voice... ahhhh. :( Then on Wednesday my voice was a bit sore then the day after that... I DIED IN TUTOR. :'( Turns out Simon Chau was sick too... HAHAHAHA. HE HAD TISSUES UP HIS NOSE AND HE WAS WEARING HIS HUGE, PUFFY JACKET. AWWWW. I can't pull that off... i look like shit when i'm sick! Maybe even as sick as a dog? Waaaaaaaah. :(

I woke up this morning so nice and warm... i felt even worse than yesterday. I had to decide on whether to stay home or go to school. I made the worse decision ever and chose to go to school... OMG. WHY AM I SO DUMB? I only came cos i was scared i'd miss out on something... ARRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGH. I had three bludge periods today... eco, english and art. I am so stupid... now i feel as crap as ever. I rested on Margaret's lap.. that was probably the best part of the day. :(

I NOTICED THAT I'M EATING REALLY BADLY THESE PAST FEW WEEKS. I'm usually not the one to care about what i eat but... omg. My stomach is getting fat. It's so gross. Before when i woke up in the morning, my stomach would be so beautiful and flat but now... things have changed. I'm not gonna exercise though... eff dat shit. LOL.

You know how everyone has one subject they're good at? I don't have one. :( Not english, maths, art, eco, physics or maths! I'm shit at everything. WAAAAAAAAAAH. Whhhhhy?! Then there are the people who are good at EVERYTHING, like Grace. Grace is already smart and she studies like a crazy bitch so it's not a surprise she's a genius. I wish i had that kind of motivation but i obviously favour being on the internet as opposed to studying. Waaaaaaaaaah. WHY DO I DO THIS TO MYSELF?!?!! I've probably said this 38743284234234792 times on my blog now. LOL. SORRY.

I yap napped after school today and now i feel so crap. Speaking of yap naps... i have a gif of sexy Yap doing what he does best. It doesn't move when i upload it. I can't be bothered putting it on to Photobucket... soz franI'm sore all over. I NEED VANESSA TO MASSAGE MY HEAD. :( :( :( I feel hot AND cold. Omg, this is so annoying. I just want to sleep but i have to study for maths since i don't know anything. I used to like maths once upon a time... :| What the hell happened? I'm so shit at it now... I keep getting the answers wrong. :( I have to do well this time so i can get into the top 50%... don't judge me.

Lady Gaga has a really nice house.

I CAN'T WAIT TILL AFTER MATHS ON MONDAY. THEN WE CAN ALL CELEBRATE!! WOO! Party, party, party! LOL, just kidding. I have notes and 4 essays to write. This sucks.

One year from now, i'll be in year 12 and just over a month away from my 18th birthday. Wow. Time goes by so fast... Do you remember thinking 'YEAR 12 IS AGES AWAY!!! NO NEED TO WORRY!!' All our years at school have come up to this. I wonder if i'll be as lazy as i am now next year. It's kinda sad thinking about it. :( None of us will be together anymore! That'd be so weird... i'll have to be independent.. noooooo. :( I told my mum i was gonna live with her till i get married and she said to me 'NOPE! You are getting out of my house once you earn your own money! I don't want you leeching off my for the rest of my life!' MY PLAN HAS BEEN COMPLETELY RUINED. LOL. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.