I have bitch face syndrome.

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June 12, 2011 // 11:37 PM

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! NO SCHOOL TOMORROW!!!! The gif above describes how i feel perfectly. HAHAHAHAHAHA.

But then... i'll have to stay home all day reading this damn book and write an effing speech about it. I HATE SPEECHES. OMFG. At first, I'm not nervous at all but when i stand in front of everyone and i get really nervous. THE PEOPLE IN OUR GRADE AREN'T EVEN THAT SCARY. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?! LOL. :( I'll make sure not to wear my blazer cos usually i get really hot and red... HAHAHAHA. EFFING EMBARRASSING. I'm expected to use hand gestures too?! OMFG. I'M CLUMSY.. I'D DROP MY PALM CARDS ALL OVER THE FLOOR AND THEN CRY. Point is, I HATE SPEECHES.

Aww, i just read Vivian's blog! VIVIAN, YOU MUST INVITE ME TO YOUR HOUSE SO I CAN SEE YOUR ROOM! That reminds me.. i still haven't finished reading Huck Finn. :|

I think i have pms cos i've been getting annoyed at everyone.. they just don't know it. HAHAHAHAHA. Sorry franz.

Oh em gee. WHY ARE THERE SO MANY PRETTY GIRLS IN THIS WORLD!! Damn yew. OH YEAH. I HATE DOUBLE STANDARDS. Okay, so there's this video of this hot, Asian girl singing on tumblr... she's not even that good yet she gets thousands of notes. If the girl was ugly, NOBODY WOULD REBLOG. All the people put comments like wow, amazing and shit like that. I REPRESENT THE UGLY COMMUNITY HERE AND I ASK WHY CAN'T AN UGLY CHICK WITH A MEDIOCRE SINGING VOICE GET THOUSANDS OF REBLOGS? ANSWER ME THAT, HOES. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. But seriously, not cool. I hate double standards.

I miss watching tv. I have not watched tv in a really long time. MAYBE COS THE SIMPSONS IS NEVER ON ANYMORE. :( :(

Reading, writing an intro and topic sentences for my speech and catch up on maths is all i'm doing tomorrow... ah man. I wonder how the sales are going. Waaah. Imagine if i were a hot, tall girl.. man, life would be so easy. LOL. I AM SO JEALOUS OF MY BROTHER'S LEGS... i've probably said this before BUT HE HAS VICTORIA'S SECRET MODEL LEGS. Oh mah god. NO, i don't check out my brother. LOL.

Out of everyone's blogs, mine is probably structured the worst. I probably sound like the most dumb bitch ever as well. HAHAHAHA. Well, that's it for today! Byyyye!