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July 26, 2011 // 9:18 PM

I really like this song. After watching this cover i realised the original sucks. HEHEHE. 8)


I want to volunteer on Saturday but... man... I haven't even asked about Sophiea's yet. I should get a discount as i offered to risk my life, collecting money at her party.

Oh man, i haven't paid for informal yet... too much monayez. Then you gotta buy a dress too.. shit ballz. I honestly can't be bothered buying a dress cos i'd much rather buy shoes... HEHEHE. :D So, I HAVE DECIDED TO WEAR WHAT I WAS GOING TO WEAR TO SOPHIEA'S. YAY!!!!! Please don't call me a supre slut. HAHAHAHA. The thing i hate about tight dresses/skirts is that when you sit, if you don't cross your legs, there's a gap and people are able to see your underwear if they find a good viewpoint.. people usually aren't BUT CAMERAS ARE... I'm going to make the most of my money and eat the whole time. I'M A GENIUS! HAHAHAHA.

IT TURNS OUT I DO REMEMBER PEOPLE'S BIRTHDAYS, OUTSIDE OF MY FAMILY. Jacqueline's birthday is on Thursday! :O WE MUST GO HOLY BASIL AGAIN!!!! For the last two times i've eaten there, i've been sick which sucks cos i eat less and can't taste anything. :( I really need to get my L's soon. :( I DON'T WANT TO GET MY L'S WHEN I'M 17. THAT'S JUST SAD. Liza's getting her P's, ffs. LOL. I'm just selfless and i don't want to endanger the community... HAHAHAHAHA. 8)

I have to make a video for art and when the teacher was telling us what movement we had... i thought. Oh shit, i bet i got a crappy one cos i don't talk to her much. LOL. She gave me photorealism and being the dumb ass i am, i thought... WDF IS THAT... and wasn't that happy. HAHAHA. I GOOGLED IT JUST NOW AND.. ME GUSTA. PHOTOREALISM IS SO COOL COS WELL.. the works look so realistic, you might even mistake it for a photograph. Ahehe. It's gonna be so embarrassing presenting the video to the class cos 1) i HATE the sound of my voice (and i'm sure other people do too) 2) i don't like the sight of my face. THIS IS GONNA BE FUN.

I CAN'T WAIT FOR MY BIRTHDAY COS THEN I WILL HOPEFULLY GET A COUPON FROM URBAN OUTFITTERS AND THEN I CAN BEG MY MUM TO GET MY DOC MARTENS!!! YAY!!!!!!!!! Hopefully they last me a long time and i never have to buy another pair of boots again. LOL.

I was pretty stressed out about the maths test at tutor.. full studying and shit. I barely ate anything today... like... a plate of noodles and a bowl of rice. Wdf bruh, that's like a mouse's diet. DUH HEO. This is why my weight keeps changing... haha. :'( Anyway, THE TEST TURNED OUT TO BE REALLY HARD AND NO ONE IN THE CLASS COULD DO THEM SO WE ALL HAD AN EVEN PLAYING FIELD. YAYY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anne sat with Judith today... and i was left with Chanel. I should sit with Chanel more often, even if she thinks my blog is boring. Sorry i don't have enough pictures to amuse a simpled minded girl such as yourself. Gosh. HHAHAHAAHAHAHA. I love being mean to Chanel... it's so funny. She did get her revenge though, hahaha. Anne totally missed out.

I hate people that come to the library just to be a nuisance. Seriously, people are trying to study. It's even worse if the people making noise are in year 12... like, excuse me? Shouldn't you be studying? FFS. LOL. NOT HAPPY.

Omg.. i was on youtube and searched trading places by Usher. Finally after searching the video... I REALISE WHAT HE'S SINGING ABOUT NOW. HAHAHAHHHAHHAHAHAHHAHAAHAHHAHA. Well, this is embarrassing. I don't get where all these hot girls in music videos come from... seriously. WHAT IS UP WITH THAT? Do they have to go to auditions or something? BEAUTIFUL GIRLS WITH HOT BODIES WANTED.. oh man. How is that even fair... to have a nice face AND body... not happy, Jan. HAHAHAHAHA.

P.S. Anne has a big ass that moves side to side when she walks. I think you should all check it out. ;)