I have bitch face syndrome.

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July 14, 2011 // 9:04 PM

Sometimes... i really hate it when i'm right. As i predicted, i did really shit for my test. When normal people come home, they have a sudden urge to study. I'm not normal. When i do shit in exams, i either go pretend to take a shower, where instead i sit in the corner and cry (LOLOLOLOL) or i eat then proceed to cry while in the shower. HAHAHAHAHA. Don't judge me cos i'm a cry baby... REAL MEN CRY. I was FULLY PREPARED to write a depressing post but i know you would all ask me... ARE YOU OKAY? Pftt, like you can change anything. Sorry frands. LOL. I don't like people knowing how i really feel COS I'M TALL, DARK AND MYSTERIOUS. 8) You're lucky i had a shower cos i'm all happy now... HAHAHAHAHAHA. I was in there for two hours. I didn't shower for two hours, in case you were wondering cos das jus duh craycray. I'M CLEANER THAN YOU ALL THINK, thank you very much.

OMG, I SHAVED MY LEGS. They feel so beautiful and smooth... i'd invite you to give them a little feel but that's kinda weird. Just so you know, i don't EVER shave so you could say this is my first time shaving my legs. I'VE COMING TO A TURNING POINT IN MY LIFE, HUH? AHAHAHAHAHA. Now i just want to wear shorts or dresses to show of my smooth, smooth legs. HAHAHA.

Oh yeah. JUST TO CLEAR EVERYTHING UP... i hate it when people ask me if i wear make up. Okay, if you ask me... obviously you know that i am so what is the point in asking me? THIS ISN'T JUST DANIELLE, just saying. Do you want me to apologise for being insecure? Well, sorry. I'M PRETTY UGLY WITH MAKE UP ON, EH? Oh... just imagine what is beneath this mask... I don't always wear make up... so, when i'm looking more uglier than usual... i probably have nothing on my face. I don't wear much anyway, hmph. HAHAHAHA. UGLY PEOPLE HAVE FEELINGS TOO. GOSH.

I've been feeling so lazy these WHOLE HOLIDAYS. Seriously, i have done no work. LOL. I should start on eco now... OR... I CAN START WORK AFTER VIVIAN'S! HAHAHAHAHAHA. 8) YAY! I'm excited for Vivian's tomorrow... i'm kinda bummed that i have to wake up early though. LOL, i've been waking up at 10-12 lately. :( I'M GONNA READ HARRY POTTER NOW. YES, I'M READING. LOL.