I have bitch face syndrome.

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July 31, 2011 // 5:35 PM

WE NEED TO HAVE A HANGOVER ADVENTURE. That would be so damn cool! LOL. Maybe when i'll have a party like that before i get married.. HAHAHAHAHA. :$ We also need a group reunion in 10 years! I WONDER WHERE EVERYONE WILL BE IN 10 YEARS.. probably getting married, hahaha.

I didn't do anything all morning.. i woke up at 9 and stayed in bed for 2 hours. Such a waste of time... HAHAHA. I love the fact that on Sunday mornings i can lay in bed for ages without having to worry about school, ah.

DAMN IT, I HAVE OFFLINE TOMORROW. I've wasted time ALL DAY... again. I still need to catch up on chapter 5.. well, at least i did some of my ag notes, RIGHT?! :D I really can't be bothered scanning the pictures of my notes. MY COMPUTER IS SO DUMB. It doesn't respond when i plug in the printer. :'( Maybe i should try plugging my printer into my laptop... hmm...

My parents went to cost co today so i had to make my own way home. :c I forgot my concession card and didn't want to pay $2 for the bus so i walked home instead... LIKE A FIT BITCH. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. It took me half an hour to get home and luckily no one honked at me today. HAHAHAHA. When my parents got home they told me they spent $400... seriously, wtf. HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE? SHIIIIIIIIITTT. I'm so hungry right now but i have no idea what to eat cos everything they bought was freaking frozen. WHAT I DEW?

Usher used to be soooooo cute but then he turned into a sex god. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. HE IS SO OLD NOW.. he has children. Wth... i thought he'd be a player forever. LOL. Wait, he's divorced... OKAY, NEVER MIND. HE'LL REMAIN A PLAYER FOREVER. HAHAHAHAHAHA.

I hate it when i'm halfway through blogging and i get pissed off so the mood changes completely. LOL. I also hate it when people don't appreciate me for caring. Eurgh. Am i too conservative or some shit? Why don't people understand me? Wtf.