I have bitch face syndrome.

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August 18, 2011 // 10:10 PM

GHOSTING PEOPLE AND JUMPING IN PUDDLES IS FUN. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I love Julia. :') Yay! It turns out we have some sort of connection cos when we look up to the sky and walk around we end up going in the same direction.. idk man. THAT'S WHAT ANNE AND DEBBIE TOLD US TO DO. HAHAHA. Point is, we gots duh connexion. Only i would answer her question, 'would you rather do a slug or a snail?' TRUE LUV.

Omg, i got back two results and one rank slip... three punches in the face. HAHAHA, not really. Idk, i'm kinda okay with my marks. I'm glad i went up 10 ranks for ag! YAAAAAY! Still, it's not a very good rank. HAHAHAHAHAHA. Everyone is so good at eco... and after getting my essay back, i want to drop it for sure now. LOL. I got the same mark as Liza.. which i'm happy with cos she's smart. HAHAHA.

Tutor was quite boring today... I think i have mood swings cos half of the time i was either like :| or laughing my ass off. I didn't even laugh at black body radiation. There must be something wrong with me today, LOL. Eurgh, i don't feel like i'll do well in next week's test. I should be used to that feeling, HAHAHAHA. I noticed today that Anne has a really funny laugh... i really love it when we laugh at the same time and it full harmonises. This reminds me of the time when i used to hang out with Andy and Ivy.. :'D Andy and i would laugh in time with each other and Ivy would just stare at us weirdly.. HAHAHAHA, good times.

After coming home from tutor, i attempted to do my art sketching but realised my charcoal was gone... thank goodness i already did the background so i can just take some charcoal from there! I can't be bothered finishing it tonight... i'll just do it tomorrow at school. It's gonna be such a bitch to roll up. :( I was so tired during tutor so maybe that's why i ended up falling asleep on the floor. YOU MUST KNOW THAT MY FLOOR IS TILED SO THAT'S PRETTY BAD ASS OF ME. HAHAHAHAHAHA. Okay, i'll shut up now. :(

It's funny how i hate getting bullied yet i always say stupid shit to people. HAHAHAHAHAHA. I should stop dat. :( Sometimes i feel like i joke around too much and no one ever takes me seriously anymore, unless i cry. LOL. I think the feeling of embarrassment is worse than sadness. LOL. Seriously, i always play embarrassing moments in my head and then get all embarrassed again. NOT COOL..

I think my habit of eating too much is sinking in cos my stomach looks so gross right now... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. TOO BAD I CAN'T BE BOTHERED EXERCISING AND SHIT... i guess i gotta live with this ugly thing. :'(

HECK YEAH, NO OFFLINE TOMORROW! WOOO! EARLY FINISH TOO!! Oh man.. i owe people money... :(