I have bitch face syndrome.

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August 12, 2011 // 7:29 PM


YAY! Today has been quite an eventful day. LOL. :D I've been laughing a lot this week... but i blame my pms. People must think i'm crazy for the amount of times i laugh a day. DON'T JUDGE ME. I'M OBVIOUSLY GOING TO LIVE A VERY LONG LIFE. HAHAHAHAHA. 8)

I finished my painting! YAAAAAY!!!! I only like the shoulder... and the rest is kinda weird. My painting looks from far away... and if you squint a little. HAHAHAHAHA. I'm so happy i finished cos now i can try and finish my sketching. I cbf for the sketching... i always get charcoal all over my fingers and leave charcoal marks everywhere. AHAHAHA. WHOOPS, sorreh mum. Everyone's really neat... then there's me.. with paint across my sleeves, all over my face and hands. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME? :( This always happens, this is just the same as last year. LOL.

I have so much shit on my to do list for this weekend and i'm so behind for maths that i feel like there's no point in trying to catch up cos i'm that behind. Oh man.. i'm so dumb. :( ENOUGH ABOUT THAT, I DOWNLOADED THIS COOL WIDGET ON MY PHONE. HEHEHE. It's this forever alone widget, it's so cute. ROFLMAO. :$ If i have no unread text messages, there'll be this little forever alone icon on my homescreen but when i have an unread message it'll change to that crazy laughing face. HAHAHAHAHA. SO CUTE!!!! :D Everyone plz message me, hehehe.

Ag was quite funny as well cos Julia told the import that she hated him or something. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Poor attempt to flirt with him, hehe. Cutie patootie. LMAO. I wanted to drive the tractor but i'd probably end up running someone over, which reminds me that i have decided to get my L's during the holidays. I DON'T CARE, BITCHES. I'm 17 and i can do what i want. HAHAHAHAHA. Don't judge me.

I LOVE STICKING PENS UP PEOPLE'S NOSES. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Finally, someone got me. Damn Liza. :( IT WAS LISA'S PEN ANYWAY, SO HA. IT WAS A WIN-WIN SITUATION, ROFLMAO. :D I'm getting really bad at sticking pens up people's noses cos i keep cracking up. :( Physics was damn funny cos Liza got to be the teacher. HAHAHA. She is a really crappy teacher cos no one listens to her and she just sends everyone to the corner. LMAO.

I TRIPPED KENNY TWICE ON THE TRAIN. Dat bitch got onto his knees, something he should be used to cos he is a slut. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I'm actually really mean but Kenny can't do anything to me cos i'm a girl.. WHERE'S YOUR EQUALITY NOW, HUH!? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

I hate it when people don't get straight to the point and feel to drag the conversation on and on and on and on. Seriously, what do you want?