I have bitch face syndrome.

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August 2, 2011 // 10:49 PM
Happy birthday, Kitty!

I always get hungry late at night and then my mum tells me off cos i make too much noise as i rummage through the fridge. HAHAHAHAHAHA.

Aw man, i thought someone was going to finally send me a love letter on tumblr but no... it was some bitch telling me that i wanted to see them naked. This bitch little lol'd me.. OH HELL NO. LOL, this is so disappointing. My heart actually starts to beat faster when i see a 1 next to the little letter icon. HAHAHAHA. Don't judge me cos i have no friends...

TODAY, TWO PEOPLE SAID I SMELL NICE. No one has ever, EVER said that to me. PEOPLE USUALLY CALL ME DIRTY BUT... OMFG!!! THIS MAY BE THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Seriously, i was so excited when Chanel said i smelt nice. Oh man. HAHAHAHA.

I really want to go to Holy Basil... i honestly can not be bothered planning a party so me, Liza and Jacquie should make a combined outing for next Saturday so Jacqueline can do her legal assignment this week. HOW VERY CONSIDERATE OF ME. :$

LISA TOLD ME THE I LOVE LADY GAY GAY SHIRT WAS ON SALE FOR $2 ON UO... i didn't believe her so i went on uo and to my disbelief... HOLY BALLS. IT REALLY IS $2... WTF. I WANT IT. I hope i get a 20% coupon or i'll be very sad... :c I WANT THOSE DOC MARTENS. OH MAN.

Jacqueline was right... you never hear Vivian scream. Ever. SHE MAKES THIS WEIRD NOISE WHEN YOU TOUCH HER NECK BUT IT ISN'T REALLY A SCREAM. It's more of a girly grunt... if that makes sense. I always bully Vivian... i always touch her neck to make her feel uncomfortable and i always push her around. HAHAHA. When i think about it, i am a bully. LOLOLOL. Sorry guise. Love you too.

I can't believe the physics assessment is next week. Yuck, i hate practicals... practicals are a time to bludge. HAHAHAHA. Damn it... :( Hopefully it isn't difficult... they better not make me set up shit or i'm not gonna be happy. LOL. I still have to study for it... i need to catch up for maths so badly as well. I might go to the library after school tomorrow.. but i'm not gonna let myself sit with Lisa or i'll get distracted. KJFSDKJFSDLSFJL. Why do i do this to myself!? I bet i'm gonna get a participation for the icas competition today.. as always.

I seriously don't understand everybody's reluctance towards informal. Why?! There's gonna be food and you get to dance the night away.. ON A BOAT. What more do you want!! THERE'S CAKE. Seriously guise, i just don't get it. You also get to dress up and shit... HAHAHAHA. WOOO!
My blog does look boring... it's just all words and i just say stupid shit. HAHAHAHA. SORRY, I can't be as funny as Anne. LOL. Speaking of Anne... ANNE SAID SHE REALLY LOVES ME!!! YAYYYY!!!! YAAYAYAYAYAY!!! I actually do miss her.. i miss her stories... i miss watching her walk to tutor, ass shaking side to side. HAHABAHASBDSHABASDASLDKSALJ. LOLOLOLOLOL.