I have bitch face syndrome.

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August 26, 2011 // 8:33 PM

I bet you're wondering why i posted this picture, thinking that it's completely irrelevant to anything i'm going to say. If this is true, IN FACT YOU ARE WRONG COS I'M WATCHING BRUCE LEE VIDEOS ON YOUTUBE ATM. That man was a beast and it was such a waste that he died at such a young age. :( Well, younger than expected. LOL. Now i want to play mortal kombat... LOL. It's so weird how in movies the person getting owned always feel the need to get up. Yeah, i know that they don't want to give up and shit but if i were them i'd play dead so the crap wouldn't be beaten out of me. HAHAHA. You should hear some of my fighting tactics, including trying to take your opponent's clothes off. Seriously, they'd think 'what the hell?!' and stop hitting you so you have a chance to run away. HAHAHA. Now you all want to get into a fight with me. ;) Anyway... okay, i just like the picture. Don't judge me.

I'm so glad the week is finally over! YOY! :D Time is going by so quickly because i remember talking to Yvy about allowing two weeks to write study notes. :( :( :( THIS IS NOT GOING TO WORK OUT. OMG. :'( This happens every single time. I can't wait till year 12 and i'll go insane.

I've decided to go to Mitchell's tomorrow! I'm going to be very sad if the food is shit because i'm paying $27. I AM NOT MADE OF MONEY. Time to bring a big bag full of plastic containers... MUAHAHAHAHA. I'm not excited for country fair... idk. I'm so lazy. I have to go for the amazing race thing. If Vivian and Danica win, i'm gonna be so sad cos they put so much effort into their damn costumes. LOL. DAMN HOES. I owe Vivian an ice cream as well.. omg, money everywhere.

I am mentioned in 3/5 of Anne's latest post... talking about obsessive Anne... i know i'm sexy and all BUT CALM DOWN. HAHAHAHAHA. JUST KIDDING! I feel so loved.. HAHAHA. YAY!

It's so hard to become friends with people cos there's often only one topic you are usually limited to, like school. I don't like school so that kinda sucks... HAHAHAHAHA. THEN THEY DON'T WANT TO BE FRIENDS WITH YOU COS THEY THINK YOU'RE BORING AND DUMB COS YOU CAN'T THINK OF ANYTHING TO SAY BESIDES SCHOOL. You can't make dumb ass jokes either, in case they can't take your amazing sense of humour. This is why i don't make friends. Them bitches come to me... HAHAHA. JKJKJK. I remember when i first came to hurlstone... the first few months were pretty sad. LOL. I don't even know how i even became friends with everyone which is kinda weird... i seriously do not remember, unlike this guy who remembers what his love wore on their first date. It's cute but, honestly, how do people remember that stuff!!!

Sometimes i'm tired of going out. I just want to sit down and talk to someone... IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK?! LOL. It is really annoying when you're in the mood to talk to ANYONE and when you finally do you end up pissed off. THIS. ALWAYS. HAPPENS. Oh man, we've run out of places to go and whenever we do go somewhere, it never ends up to be as fun as we anticipated. The best times have been when we all just chill out at each other's houses. LOL. Idk, i'd rather stay home than go out, unless food is involved, free food would be even better.

I seriously hate it when people tell me what to do, unless it's my mum or something. Idk, it makes me feel so inferior.. like shut the hell up. I don't think you understand how moody i am... i get so angry at the smallest things. I have issues. HAHAHAHAHA. It also makes me kinda sad when my friends can't tell when i'm upset, so i have to tell them how i'm really feeling. :( YOU GOTTA HAVE THIS SIXTH SENSE, GUYS. LOL.