I have bitch face syndrome.

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August 9, 2011 // 10:31 PM

My hair is really dead now. I need hair cutting scissors.. HAHAHAHA. But seriously, it's so bad. Lisa has dyed her hair a billion times and her hair is still stays so soft. :( DAMN MY HAIR. :'( DANICA SAID MY HAIR WOULD 'TRAVEL' as in my hair would just keep breaking off and moving up and up. Wah. Hair breaking.. sounds kinda weird. LOL.

I really dont know what im wearing to informal. Short, fun, flashy !
Omfg, Margaret is such a slut. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I'm gonna wear a short dress too, since i covered up last year. HAHAHAHAHA. 8) I'm raeally glad i bought my dress for only $30 cos i've been looking around on ASOS and other sites and i realised that dresses are really expensive, like $40+. LOL. YAY! I HAVE MY SHOES TOO! THEY'RE CHEAP! YAAYAYAYAYAYAYAY! I'm so happy that i don't have to spend heaps of money! WOOO! Awww, Margaret has such hot legs. They go on forever! Dat hoe. :c SPEAKING OF LEGS, I SHAVED MY LEGS AGAIN. OH MAN, SO SMOOOOOOOTH. I can't wait till it's summer then i can show them off. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. So smooth and shiny.

Eurgh, exams are so soon and i need to finish my notes. LOL, well.. start on most of them, hahaha. Omfg... hmm... i'll catch up on maths this week but i'm pretty sure it'll take forever. :( SDAKSDASLDKASDA.

I HAVE A MASK ON RIGHT NOW AND MY FACE IS ALL TENSE.. IT'S SUCH A WEIRD BUT NICE FEELING. IT'S KINDA LIKE GETTING A BRUISE... HAHAHAHA, jk. Omfg, i swear if Liza Chao punches me tomorrow.. i'm gonna cry. I'm very fragile, y'know! :( MY PARENTS ACTUALLY REMEMBERED WHAT DAY IT WAS TOMORROW. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I'm pretty sure it's only because i've been constantly asking them if they remember when my birthday was. :$ Awww, i really love my parents.

JORDAN KERR BETTER GIVE ME THE PIGGY BACK HE PROMISED. :$ I really like piggy backs cos i'm a fat shit and i like people carrying me around, as opposed to walking. LOL.