I have bitch face syndrome.

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August 4, 2011 // 9:23 PM

My life.

My face is so damn dry. STUPID WINTER. I WANT SUMMER TO COME BACK. :( :( :( My eyebrow is all flaky and shit... i feel so yuck. Moisturiser doesn't even work. :'( Well, at least the weather is getting a lot better! Ahhh, I DON'T EVEN NEED TO WEAR STOCKINGS! I hate putting on stockings in the morning... it takes so long and i'm lazy. LOL.

I can finally be bothered do my homework cos i have the maths textbook is on my laptop now! YAAYAYAYAY! FINALLLLLLLLY! I'm going to go to the library on Saturday and catch up on maths homework. :c Oh man, i'm so behind. D: I realised today that i learn a lot when i listen... i day dream a lot. Like, i'll never get caught cos i just stare at the teacher and my mind just wanders off. Five minutes later, i'll snap out of it, realise i missed out on too much information and i feel like giving up. LOL.

Mr Nguyen was back to teach us today! I used to get so sleepy when he would talk but not anymore! I was laughing the whole time and i got to sit next to Anne! YAYAYAY! I am not gay, okay?! HAHAHAHA. I am a black person aspiring to be a rapper cos i'm really good at rhyming. I'm god-like, maybe even like Bumba. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I am officially changing my msn name to Bumba cos i'm a black god. Oh yeaaaah. HAHAHA. Mr Nguyen is good cos he's scary so he forces to me to study and i always day dream in class, so it's good that he repeats everything. LOL. I DON'T CARE IF YOU PEOPLE THINK HE'S SLOW... HE GOES AT MY PACE. HAHAHAHA. 8)

I'm really excited for informal now! YAY! I haven't asked my mum about it yet... faaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrr. LOL. I'll ask her tomorrow.. hopefully i'll remember to ask her for money. LOL. :c This gives me an excuse to buy new shoes... heh. WE MUST PLAY HIDE AND SEEK OR SARDINES. IDGAF IF YOU BITCHES CAN'T RUN IN HEELS, WE'RE GONNA PLAY IT WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT! :3

Omfg, the model on nastygal is soooooooooooooooo efffinggggg cuuuuuuuuuuute. Wtffffff, i just want to buy everything she wears cos she makes everything look beautiful. LOL. DAMNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN. I know i want these leopard print shorts she wears... oh doooood. I really want high waisted shorts and jc litas so i can walk around feeling like i have super long legs. I wish i had a job... :'( I want too much stuff and they're all overpriced. LOL. CAN SOMEONE ORDER OFF NASTYGAL ALREADY COS I REALLY WANT THOSE SHORTS.. :( :( :( Omg, some crazy bitch has 219 pairs of Jeffrey Campbell shoes and lets say on average they're $150, that means her shoe collection is worth of $30000. WTFFFFFFFFFFFFF. LOL, i can't even afford one pair, ffs. HAHAHAHA. I know the gif does not relate to anything but i was just desperate to include it cos it's so damn cute. LOL.

I can't believe i'm going to be 17 in less than a week. What the heck? Time goes by too damn quickly. I'm too lazy to get my L's... i'm just gonna rely on public transport and my dad for the rest of my lazy life. LOL.

THIS REMINDS ME OF VIVIAN AND GENEVIEVE'S FAILED ATTEMPT TO SCARE JACQUIE... HAHAHA!!!!!! So sorry guys... LOL. I really like watching Friends. My cousin gave me all the the seasons but one season is effed. :( Maybe i'll have a Friends marathon this weekend! :$ ACCORDING TO KK, THE FIRST JERSEY SHORE EPISODE IS COMING OUT EITHER TODAY OR TOMORROW! YAYAYAYAY! I've missed Jersey Shore. It's so trashy but so damn funny. :'D