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August 9, 2011 // 12:29 AM

Omg, I HAD A THREE HOUR PHONE CALL WITH FAT CHAO AND SHE HUNG UP ON ME WITHOUT SAYING GOODBYE. :( I am not needy... HAHAHAHA. I learnt a lot of stuff by talking to her. Liza Chao is very smart and she has slow internet so all she does is study all day. Someone really needs to disconnect my internet permanently so i can be like her. :$

OMFG... IT'S MY BIRTHDAY EVE AND YOU KNOW WHAT? I still haven't gotten my L's yet. I'm considering studying after tutor and doing the test on my birthday... hmm.. WOW. THAT'S SO CRAZY. I'M ACTUALLY TURNING 17 TOMORROW WHICH MEANS I AM ONE YEAR CLOSER TO BEING 18. I don't understand what's so great about being 18... all you get to do is vote, drink legally and clubbing. I'm not interested in any of those things. :c I'm gonna tell my mum to buy me a cake.. yay. I like cake.

I hate being so unprepared and lazy all the time. Like, right now... i should be studying but i feel so screwed to the point i don't even care anymore. LOL. I have studied but it's definitely not enough to do well... i feel really reassured when i hear that people have not studied at all. HELL YEAH, EVEN PLAYING FIELD! HAHAHAHA. I'll definitely have to study for yearlies.. just watch me kick everyone's asses... lol, jk.

WE ALL NEED TO START WRITING OUR STUDY NOTES ASAP. I regret not writing them after each topic but honestly, who is ever bothered to? :c I don't think i can finish my notes in 2 weeks... shit ballz. THERE IS JUST TOO MUCH TO STUDY FOR. I'm pretty sure i can just cram for art but i'd actually have to study all that other shit, especially maths. :( I have been doing so bad in maths and it's really embarrassing. I've only started to do my homework this weekend.. what we dew!

I sat with Anne at lunch today and it was fun. Omfg, we can laugh in time with each other and our laughs are hideous. HAHAHAHAHAHA. There was this creepy moment where we held hands and it was so weird. Like, idk. OUR HANDS WERE JUST TOGETHER. IT WAS NOT NORMAL. LOL. HAHAHA. Then we both screamed but it wasn't even awkward. SEE HOW CLOSE WE'VE BECOME? We held hands and it wasn't even awkward. HAHAHAHA. I bet we can have un-awkward silences too now. Good news, Anne. My old tutor might not teach us cos she works 5 days a week now. :c I swear, Anne should just join me. Who cares if it'd just be me, her and Kelvin! LOL. IT'D BE FUN. YAY.

I seriously can't believe it's my birthday tomorrow. Dat shit is ridiculous. OMFG, i'm gonna stay up till 12 and watch people say happy birthday to me cos i'm one sad, little bitch. HAHAHAHA. I get so excited on my birthday cos people send me messages on facebook, which they never do, and i feel so loved. ROFLMAO. I can't believe Liza and Yvy are taking early leave tomorrow to buy informal stuff. I think i've already got my informal stuff so there's no point in going with them AND IT'S STILL ZUMBA WEEK. I would never EVER want to miss out doing the crazy arms with Vivian and watching Mr Rawson shake dat ass of his. HAHAHAHAHAHA.

I got a new hard drive so my brother and I actually want to go on the computer now. It used to be as laggy as shit... it was unbelievable... not really, considering that it was 5 years old. HAHAHAHA. DON'T JUDGE ME. YAYAYAYAYYAYAYAY!!! My cousin gave me shows and movies too!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! I FINALLY HAVE SOMETHING TO DO FROM NOW ON!! YAAYYAYAYAYAYAY!

I'm getting really tired. Goodnight. :)