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August 20, 2011 // 8:06 PM

Omg, i have this art shit due on Monday.. i think? I don't know what day i have to present my thingo but yah.. so damn lazy. I don't think Genevieve's started either so that's okay. HAHAHA. Shit to the ballllllllzzzzzzz, i'm gonna totally flunk this physics test. At least i do alright in school... meaning i get the same marks as Liza which is okay cos she always KILLS me in peak topic tests. HAHAHAHA. (A) This reminds me... yearlies are in 3 weeks! Ag is gonna be a bitch... so much to study. T_T" I hope i get a good timetable again... 4 day break, hehe. :$

Despite deciding to stay home today, i ended up not doing any work AGAIN. What the hell is wrong with me... I always find a way to distract myself which is probably just eating and sitting around, thinking about all the work i should be doing. At this rate, i doubt i'll improve in my yearlies. LOL. I think maths is my least favourite subject now... don't understand any of this shit. :(

I went to Lisa's house, then to Wendy's then Holy Basil! Lisa's house is always fun cos we just stalk people and look at all her clothes. HAHAHA. Omg, dat hoe is so dirty.. keeping all her dirty lashes cos she thinks it's pretty. LUCKILY I THREW THEM OUT OTHERWISE SHE WOULD'VE USED THEM AND GOTTEN AN EYE INFECTION. HAHAHA. I AM A LIFE SAVER. Wendy's house was fun too! :$ I really like her room.. she says it's boring BUT TO ME IT ISN'T. IT'S SO... FULL AND NEAT. She has a plush dragon with a pole up its butt. HAHAHAHAHA. OH, WENDY. Julia came over too so we just got ready and yah.

Pad thai was so disappointing.. i don't think i finished it cos i was full but rather it wasn't that nice, idk. :( EURRRRGGGGGH. It reminded me too much of bkk. :( I think i might get pad see ew next time! I tasted the fried ice cream for the first time but it wasn't that great, it might've been because i ate the corner, haha. We always mess up with the money.. omg, WE HAD THIS PILE OF $2 COINS WORTH $10 AND IT JUST DISAPPEARED. WTF, we were ready to pay for our food but somehow it just disappeared.. no one even had their backs turned! :( Margaret bought me shoes though! I'll definitely think of her when i wear them.. HAHAHA. THEY'RE GOLD AND BLINGED UP. THAT'S SO MARGARET. :') Aw, Lisa and Wendy bought me a present but i don't know what it is cos they forgot to bring it... so now i'm eager to find out what it is!

I'M GONNA BUY SOME JUBES TOMORROW.. YAY. They make a really good snack.. There's two servings in one packet but whatever.. i just eat the whole thing. LOL. Eurrrrrrggggh, i'm gonna use the $10 i didn't use today to buy food! YAAAAAAAY! :D Maybe i'll be motivated to study... LOL, JK. I JUST WANT DUH FEWD.

I CAN'T WAIT FOR INFORMAL!!! YAAAAAAAY! I'm gonna be really disappointed if the food is shit cos it's 50% of the reason why i want to go, the other 50% being that everyone is gonna be there. LOL. I keep seeing bedazzled bustiers on tumblr and i really wanted to make one so i could wear it to informal. HAHAHA. THAT WOULD BE SO COOL IF I DID... omg.It would take so much effort though and it would look better on a girl with boobs. HAHAHA. IT'S TRUE, OKAY?!

Is it normal for you to think that your mum's perfect? HAHAHA. :( SERIOUSLY THOUGH... when i look at my mum i can't see any faults except for that she's just way too truthful and noisy. LOL. My mum asked me to buy her foundation but i kinda don't want to cos i think she's beautiful the way she is. I AM NOT CORNY. I REALLY DO THINK THIS. :'( It's so sad hearing my mum say that she's ugly.. it just breaks my heart. Man, she's hotter than i am and she's more than 30 years older than me. LOL.

I feel like my blog is kinda repetitive and say the same shit in every single post... sorry, my life is kinda boring. LOL. I also say that my blog is repetitive A LOT, haha.