I have bitch face syndrome.

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August 27, 2011 // 9:39 PM

Today has been such an eventful day. I'm extremely bloated right now and i really just want to go to sleep but i have an essay to write during tutor tomorrow, so i planned to prepare an essay then just cop it in class, since it's open book. HAHAHA. OH MAN.. SO BLOATED. I just unbutton and unzipped my pants... I CAN FINALLY BREATHE.

DAMN VIVIAN. WHEN SHE CAME TO PICK ME UP, SHE CALLED ME SO I WENT OUTSIDE AND SHE TOLD HER SISTER TO DRIVE OFF, JUST SO SHE COULD WATCH ME CHASE THE CAR. So mean.. she was laughing the whole time... HAHAHA. THAT BITCH. :( Her sister is really funny, probably cos she picks on Vivian.. but still. HAHAHA.

As we walked into the school, WE SAW NOTHING. THERE WERE NO VINTAGE CARS... HAHAHA. HOW HEARTBREAKING. They moved all the stalls down to the cola. Ballz. I wasted so much money today... OKAY, $15 AT COUNTRY FAIR. Come on, that's a lot! All i ate was one of those licorice sticks, two ice creams, half a gozleme and rice + curried chick peas... HAHAHAHA. Wow, i wasted money on such crappy food... THE GOZLEME WAS REALLY GOOD THOUGH. OMG. :9 $7.50 is such a rip off though. The things we do for food.

I wish i could dance... or sing... or beatbox... man, just anything. PEOPLE ARE SO TALENTED.. WHY?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!? I hate it when people are beautiful AND they're tall as well (e.g. Margaret... as she was walking on stage... oh man, that girl has a nice body). I hate talented people... okay, i just hate people in general. LOL.

It came to one point in the day where i just wanted to go home but couldn't cos we had to wait for the amazing race to start. :(((((( I really couldn't be bothered to do anything at that time but when the race started.. OH MAN. IT WAS SO EXCITING. LOL. GENEVIEVE PUT SO MUCH EFFORT INTO IT! We should do something like it again in the holidays! :$ We were behind at first but in the end... WE WON!!!! FOUR MAN TEAM!!!! OHHH YEAAAAAAH!!! I learnt that i'm more of a short distance runner than long distance cos i get tired pretty quickly. LMAO. In the beginning i'd be ahead of everyone but after a few metres.. nah uhhh, everyone will overtake me.. i wish i had a better endurance. :(

I recorded a few videos of us during the amazing race and oh my goodness, I HATE THE SOUND OF MY VOICE. I never realised how ugly it was... it's so high pitched and i sound like a fob. I am blessed with gorgeous looks and a beautiful voice... wonderfuuuuulll. LOL. I don't understand why i even have friends cos first of all i like to annoy people and secondly, i have a voice to match... LOL. SERIOUSLY, tell me why you're still friends with me. It's only cos you like my penis, isn't it?

I think it was a bad idea to wear white pants to tk something... LOL, it doesn't matter cos i'm a ruthless cunt. HAHAHAHA. Dude, even till now... i'm so full and we stopped eating three hours ago. I think i did get my $30 worth... people were judging me when i was still eating. I WAS HALF AN HOUR LATE... cos i went to Canley Heights instead of Canley Vale. DON'T JUDGE ME... I HAVE BAD MEMORY. :'( :'( :'(

I had a really fun night and do not regret going at all. :) I REALLY LIKE CAKE. OMFG. We took a lot of pictures which will hopefully be uploaded... I WANT MY STUPID ONES, PLEZ. :$ It was fun just waiting around outside, taking pictures and talking. :$ YAY!!! Today was a good day. :)

My internet is so freaking slow right now. I truly do feel sorry for Liza now.. I FEEL YOUR PAIN, GIRLFRAAAAN. I HAVE IT GIRL STUCK IN MY HEAD AND I REALLY WANT TO LISTEN TO THE ACTUAL SONG BUT I CAN'T COS MY INTERNET IS LAGGY AS SHIT. LOL, my life is full of serious problems... YAY!!! I LOADED 1/4 OF THE SONG. 'Baby, you the shit girl.' Really? REALLY? LOL. I'd be so offended if someone said that to me... HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. No one likes being called shit. Kids these days and their damn slang. LOL.

I HATE BEING CALLED DUMB/STUPID, especially by people i barely even talk to. When i say 'are you dumb?!' to people, i just want everyone to know that i'm just joking around. However, when some people call me stupid, i sometimes feel like they're serious and it kinda hurts. l o l... omfg.

I hate it when people try to insult me indirectly.. like when i'm called annoying. LOLOLOL. BRO, I KNOW I'M ANNOYING AND FLAT. THERE'S NO NEED TO POINT THAT SHIT OUT. It's like calling fat people fat... i'm pretty sure they know they're fat but they would rather not hear it all the time. Laughing at Liza's ass is okay, alright!? THAT DOES NOT COUNT COS AT THE END OF THE DAY, I TRULY LIKE AND AM JEALOUS OF DAT BOOTAYE. Speaking of bootayez, I slapped Kenny's ass as he was walking by me and that bitch has a really firm ass. I wish i had a firm ass... ROFLMAO. :(

When i talk to someone, i like looking at them right in the eye. LOL. I remember in physics i asked Mr Trotter a question and i think he got scared cos i was full staring into his eyes. ROFLMAO. Mr Trotter actually has really nice eyes... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I WAS ONLY STARING AT THEM INTENSELY COS I THOUGHT THEY WERE DIFFERENT COLOURS. ROFLMAO. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.