I have bitch face syndrome.

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August 31, 2011 // 10:33 PM

Vivian and i make a really good team. We put rubbish in Jenny's pocket without even realising and we were holding hands. Idk why i was holding her hand... BUT IT WAS FUNNY. HAHAHAHAHAHA. It's so difficult having only one proper arm.. :( Ah, respect to those without an arm or even both! Anyway, WE ENDED UP TAKING HER CHOCOLATE AS WELL AND OH JENNY, YOU DUMB DUMB. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. She didn't even realise till lunch, when she found it in her lunchbox. Didn't even look in the most obvious place! Jeez! She better remember my socks tomorrow. :$

AG WAS FUN WAS WE GOT TO PLANT LETTUCES! YAAAAAAAAAY! It's not an easy job cos you full gotta use a ruler and shit. BEING A FARMER AIN'T EASY, YOOO! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Ag is always fun, with the gang: JACQUIE, JULIA, LIZA, MARY AND VIVIAN! :D I think Julia and Vivian are gonna drop ag... NOOOOOOOO! DAMN GENIUSES... :((((((((( Hate you all.

Sport turned out to be pretty good! For the first half of sport, we just laid on the hill playing reversi. HAHAHAHA. VIVIAN FINALLY BEAT ME. She has NEVER beaten me, EVER. It's only cos she's shit and won't let me tell her the secret to the game. LMAO. Then when she won she decided to resign as champion... ALRIGHT BUDDY. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. We rolled down the hill and had a grass war, which made me itch. LOL. I am like Daria, one depressed bitch that does not participate during sport. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Ah, dw.. BY THE END OF THIS YEAR, I WILL BECOME A BASKETBALL PLAYING BEAST, alongside Vivian. HAHAHA. It may come as a surprise to you but i actually have a basketball hoop at home. I'm a fat shit so my daily exercise is pretty much my romantic walks to the fridge. LOL.

SOME BITCH WROTE ON MY RUBBER, WHICH ACTUALLY ISN'T MY RUBBER COS IT'S MY BROTHER'S. I should give it back to him since i'm always telling him off for losing his stuff. Seriously, i'll look through his pencil case and it'll have heaps of shit but when i check back a month later he'll have only a few pens left. HE ALWAYS SAYS THAT PEOPLE STEAL HIS STUFF BUT THAT'S JUST RIDICULOUS. LOL. Duh hoe.

Time has been going by so quickly lately and i have failed to drill into my head that my first yearly exam is next Friday. Holy balls. I don't think i'm gonna bother writing notes for economics... i'll probably just steal them off Lisa.. SPANKS FRAND. HAHAHA. LUP U LONG TYM. I CAN'T BE BOTHERED SCANNING DIAGRAMS FOR AG COS THEN I HAVE TO FIND THE DISC TO INSTALL THE PRINTER SHIT. IDK MAN, COS I HAS DUH NEW COMPUTER. LOL. SO YAH. Hopefully, Liza and i can exchange notes.. HAHAHA. Then i have to write art notes, which i'm assuming will take a day. I have no idea if i can catch up on maths in time... eurgh, being dumb is not fun. LOL.

I'M STAYING UP TILL 12:30 SO I CAN FINALLY GO ON YOUTUBE!!! HELLL YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! I don't think you understand how much i love youtube and how many times i visit it a day. I know, i live a sad life but there's no need to judge, ladies. Okay, it turns out i'm not uncapped yet. This sucks balls.

I get my physics results at peak today. Omfg, if i fail... it's going to be so humiliating cos he likes to shame people by telling the class who failed. THAT'S BITCHY. :( WHAT'S HE DUYEN!!! SO MEAN. :'( I seriously hope i get average... i know it's just tutor but IT'S STILL SCARY. I'm more chill about school than tutor, haha.