I have bitch face syndrome.

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August 7, 2011 // 3:19 PM

The weather is so bipolar. I was so happy about it being all sunny last week but supposedly it's raining all of this week. WHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHY?! This makes me not want to wake up for morning class even more.

Omg, my mum asked me when i would be getting my L's. Then i said, probably this week. MY DAD SO NO, YOU MUST STUDY. He only said that cos he saw the report i got from english tutoring. LOL, SORRY FOR BEING AVERAGE. GOSH. Speaking of tutoring, MY DREAMS HAVE FINALLY COME TRUE! IT TURNS OUT KELVIN WANTS TO GO BACK TO KIMBERLY AS WELL. HELLL YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! I don't know if i'm gonna quit peak maths or not... :s I might stay for intergration then leave. THAT MEANS NO MORE LIBRARY, NO MORE BONDING TIME WITH ANNE. :'( NOOOOOOOOO. Well, i guess this is all for my own good cos i'm not really learning much from peak. :(

I actually got through two exercises for maths yesterday... AMAZING, HUH?! So did Lisa... this may sound like nothing to you but coming from two lazy, fat asses, this is a huge achievement. LOL. YAAAAY! Omg, i think i had an allergic reaction to something yesterday cos my face got so freaking itchy. YOU DON'T EVEN UNDERSTAND HOW ITCHY MY FACE WAS... i seriously wanted to set my face on fire cos it was that bad. :( :( :( My face got so red and i was scared i was gonna scratch half of my eyebrow off again.. they just grew back again, btw. HAHAHAHAHA. :D

I went over to Lisa's house yesterday and we made a huge mess of her room. SOZ FRAND. Wendy and Lisa decided to make a tumblr shop.. which you can check out here! Lisa finally knows how to use her camera... HAHAHA. YAY! She has a lot of clothes and she's gonna make a lot of money... if people actually buy her stuff. LOL. Maybe i can find something to sell.. :$ I hate it when people have shops and they have shitty clothes. LOL. Like, they're clothes that NO ONE is going to buy... THE SELLER SHOULD REALISE THIS COS THEY DON'T WANT IT ANYMORE!!! If you get me... hahaha.

I should be studying for physics right now but i honestly can not be bothered. LOL. I think i should just finish my etching for art, that was supposed to be finished months ago... WHOOPS. Omfg, i started my painting too and i think it looks like shit. LOL. I've only done a section of the hair and idk... it looks like i just put random strokes of white just for funsies. :c Damn it.

OMFG, WE MR CARTER WAS AWAY ON FRIDAY SO WE HAD MR GIPPEL. He is so good, omfg. LIKE, WTH. He makes me want to keep economics. LOL. Idk, i listen to him cos he's scary and his voice is really engaging, unlike Mr Carter whose voice makes me want to take a nap. LOL. Oh maaaaaaaaan, what do i dewwwwwwwwww?! -sigh-

Julia is being a hoe and does not want to volunteer with me for moon festival. :( DAMN HOE IS FAVOURING STUDIES OVER HER COMMUNITY. HAHAHAHAHAHA, jk. Aw, i don't have a partner then.. so i probably won't end up doing it. LOL, oh whatever. I already have a shirt from last time... one is enough. THE SHIRT IS REALLY NICE AND SOFT but too bad it's ugly, so i wear it to sleep. HAHAHA. (A)

I FINALLY WATCHED THE FIRST EPISODE OF JERSEY SHORE FROM SEASON 4. Omg, it seems kinda fake but i don't freaking care. LOL. I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE NEXT EPISODE.. SO MUCH DRAMA AND I LOVE IT! LOL. Omfg, Mike is such a dick... he's always starting shit and he looks like a dirty rat. I loooooooooooooooveee Jwoww.. omfg, she is so hot. She's still with Roger too... ngawww. :'D Everyone has been saying Jwoww has gotten hotter, which is true, BUT I THINK DEENA HAS GOTTEN BETTER LOOKING TOO! :$ Sammi is still an annoying bitch though, LOL. DISAPPOINTING.

I really want to go Holy Basil. I'll be sad if no one comes but i'd probably still go if we can't compromise on a good time + date. LOL. Euuuuuurggggghhh, craving it so badly now. :c


I hate having pms. I always get sad over stupid shit and end up crying. LOL. I hate it when you're trying to hint to someone that you're sad but they just don't get it. Honestly, how are we even friends? Eurgh. I need to make a vent blog... i tried to just now but it's just too weird. I should just buy a diary, hahahaha. I probably would end up not writing in it. I'm the kind of person that likes to keep their true feelings to themselves... which is kinda bad from what i've heard but... whatever. LOL. BEING A GIRL SUCKS ASS.