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August 10, 2011 // 9:21 PM

YAY! I HAD A GOOD DAY TODAY.. even if it did start with morning class. :( I woke up really early, which just goes to show how excited i was about my birthday. HAHAHAHA. It's so weird.. i can't even say i'm 16 anymore.. time flies by too quickly.

PEOPLE WROTE ME POEMS! YAYAYAYAYAY!!!! :D I feel so loved... only on my birthday. WHY DON'T YOU PEOPLE LOVE ME ALL THE TIME? HAHAHAHAHA! Bitches really do loves poems... :$

Christie's birthday is today! (stole first line from your poem HAHAH)
Here to party, all night lo00o0ong ;)
Ready to get it 0o0o0o0o0n
I wonder if she's still a virgin HAHHAHA jks
Sluts and hoes, is your motto
Totes love you to the days
I know you love your chips with mayonaise
Enjoy being 17! LOVE YOU LONG TIME (also stole from your poem)
- Jacquie

Christine or christie
My poem will make your eyes misty
You have nice hair
Mike likes to stare
You're good at stalking
Your art leaves people gawking
You make me laugh
You're cheesyman's other half ;)
Your blog is cool
You planked the pool
- Shivdawgitty dawg

It was at Peak
When we first speak
I didn't really listen to you anything you said then
Cause I didn't pay attention to anyone other than Ben
So I don't really know how things went on
And suddenly, you were clingy like a steamed wonton
But it's okay christie
Cause I love you more than I love me some Twistie
And you should know Twisties are my favourite chip
And that chapped is my favourite lip.
- Easy A

I was a bit of a loner during morning class and no one knew it was my birthday until Jacqueline came. LOL. When class ended, i walked out the door and said 'time to take off my pants!!!' THEN LIZA, VANESSA AND VIVIAN JUMP OUT OF NOWHERE SCREAMING HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Oh man, how embarrassing. :( Vanessa piggy backed me back to the group and i felt like a queen. HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. People full ran at me and Vanessa's face would be stuck in between people's boobs. Oh, the things you do for me! LOL.

Anne, Danielle and Wendy sang happy birthday as we were walking to roll call but it was awkward cos no one joined in. Sorry guise, i'm not very popular... HAHAHA. It really is awkward when you have to listen to people sing happy birthday to you... LOL. :( You know what else is awkward? Walking in on your friends as they set up for your surprise party. HAHAHAHAHA! I WAS WALKING FROM ART, ALL BY MYSELF COS GENEBOOB WANTED TO PAINT COS SHE'S GAY, AND AS I ALMOST REACHED THE GROUP, I COULD SEE THEM HANGING UP A BANNER. HAHAHAHA. I just stood there for a bit, confused and hoping someone would see me so they could tell me what to do. HAHAHA. So when Liza caught me standing there, she charged at me and i walked back to the art room. :(

I HAD A PANCAKE CAKE! THANKS VANGAYSA THE GAY! :$ It was really fun but too bad i didn't eat much food cos i ate fried rice before, totally unaware that there'd be a party for me. Seriously. HAHAHA. I love our group! THANK YOU TO ALL YOUR EFFORT INTO MAKING ME FEEL SPECIAL TODAY. I appreciate it very much. :) I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! YAY!!!!

PHYSICS WAS SO FUN AND SUCH A BLUDGE COS MR TROTTER WAS AWAY! YOY! We played with a slinky, making it all kinky. OH HO HO HO. Trotface was looking quite stylish yesterday, with has bad ass coat and everything, despite the fact that he was actually sick. HAHAHAHA. Enough about trotface, I THINK WE WERE ALL REALLY HYPER DURING PHYSICS. LOL. We're actually really annoying, so i'm not surprised that trotter is always pissed at us. LOL. Then again, we're the ones being annoying so we don't get annoyed about ourselves :. BITCHES DON'T MATTER. AHAHAHA. I WANT PICTURES FROM LISA, pl0x. HEHEHEHE. We took such gay ass pictures, seriously. LOL.

Kenny and Simon Banh were holding hands during class... paradise is slowing restoring itself... HAHAHAHA. I think Simon is the girl in the relationship because Vanessa turned around to push him or something and he screamed 'my tit!' Oh god. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. For some strange reason, this reminds me that Jordan Kerr owes me a piggy back. :(

Mitchell is so fun to pick on. HAHAHAHA. HE IS SUCH A FOB... IT'S SURPRISING THAT HE'S ACTUALLY REALLY GOOD AT ENGLISH. SOZ BRO, YOU DID THIS TO YOURSELF. HAHAHA. We should make a twitter for all his quotes and we'll call it 'Shit, Mitchell says'. WE COULD WRITE CREATE A BOOK AND MAKE MILLIONS. GENIUS. HAHAHAHAHAHA. He always says stupid shit, honestly. This week, i was teasing him about something and he said something on the lines of 'i'll climb up your ovaries'. I doubt he knows what ovaries are... HAHAHA.

OMFG, watching Mr Rawson AND Simon Chau during zumba is hilarious. I must admit, i probably look as awkward and rigid as they are but.. I CAN'T SEE MYSELF SO IT DOESN'T MATTER. HAHAHA. OMFG. The teacher is so hot.. seriously. It's like she blossomed over the week. I THINK SHE WEARS A PUSH UP BRA NOW COS HER BOOBS SUDDENLY GOT BIGGER. I would know a little thing about that... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Oh man, she's so beautiful and energetic. :( Our last week of zumba is next week! NOOO. I know Vivian is excited about that though... LOL. She didn't even get to do her favourite dance.. :(

I HUNG UP THE BANNER VIVIAN MADE ME IN MY HOUSE! YAY!!!! She told me that her sister said the postcard i made her looked really nice. YAY!!!!!!!! :D

I can't wait to go to Wendy's house this week! I'll make sure to wear a singlet or something this time... oh goodness. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. YAY!!!! MAYBE I SHOULD BUY A TUB OF ICE CREAM AND WE CAN ALL EAT IT AT HER HOUSE! YOY!!! THEN WE CAN BLOG TOGETHER! YAYAYAYAY!!!! I can't wait to eat at Holy Basil as well.. i've been craving it for so long. :'(

I'm awkward around people who are better looking than me, so you may not have gotten such a good first impression from me. - DID SHE JUST SAY THAT I'M BETTER LOOKING THAN HER?! OH DAYUUUUUM. WHAT A REVELATION. HAHAHAHAHAHA. Awww, Albert Einstein.. I'M SO HAPPY I GOT A DEDICATION ON YOUR BLOG! YOY!!!! Anne is so funny, sometimes without even trying. Sometimes i look at her, not in a creepy way (OF COURSE), and i start laughing cos i'll start thinking of Francine from Arthur, but then she'll notice i'm laughing then smile at me AND THEN I'LL FEEL ALL GUILTY... i continue to laugh though. HAHAHA. THIS HAPPENS A LOT, SERIOUSLY. I don't know what the hell is wrong with me. ROFLMAO. YAY!!!

Omg, it's my birthday and i haven't even listened to birthday sex yet.. oh man. TIME TO DO SOME HOMEWORK. YOY