I have bitch face syndrome.

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August 25, 2011 // 11:56 PM

Yay, the test is over! FREEDOM.. not really. I have two essays to write this weekend AND write notes... yoy. I realised if i want to do okay in something, i need to start studying earlier which is impossible for me because i'm the best procrastinator ever. All i do is complain, soz. As i walking down the stairs, i yelled out something and almost walked into Ms Young. She said 'YOU'RE COMPLAINING!' :( Story of my life.

I HAVE A NAME FOR MY JACKET NOW. It's weird saying jacket. mylipslykduong.. It defines me cos 'lyk' is so gay, people tease me about my lips all the time and duong is self explanatory. THANKS FAT CHAO! Omg, it's perfectttttttt! It also reminds me of Vanessa cos she's always singing that one line. LOLOLOL. I hope Liza get Fat Chao and not Chaomander... I GIVE THE BEST NICKNAMES EVER. CHAU CHAO CHAU CHAO! HAHAHAHA. Omg, i remember when i was screaming that out during physics and Miss Yen thought i was sick. :(

I owe Lisa $30 and want to cry. I hate having to owe people money... but i always pay them late for some reason. OTHER THAN THAT, I LOVE MY NEW SHOES AND HAT! :D I don't mind the heel of the shoes.. i'm just scared that they might scratch and look hideous. THEY FIT REALLY WELL TOO!! YAY!!!! :D

My cabinet is a piece of shit and i really, REALLY hope no one sees it. I want to smash that shit up. My painting looks like ballz cos i painted on the glaze so thick. My drawing is just.. eurgh. LOL. WHY DO I EVEN DO ART?

I'm gonna give up shoes for 40 hours. Please sponsor me, i'm desperate. HAHAHA. No, seriously.. i kinda wanted to turn up to school without shoes so people believe me when i say i'm doing it but i'm scared i might get in trouble cos.. yeah. If i went without shoes then i'd have to walk around cabra without shoes which is probably the equivalent to walking bare feet in Vietnam. HAHAHAHAHA. CABRA IS JUST DIRTY. PEOPLE IN CABRA ARE CHEAP TOO SO THEY'LL PROBABLY THINK I'M A HOBO AND STARE AT ME WITH DISGUST. WHAT DO I DO? :(

YAY! I can't wait for country fair!! YAYAYAY! I get a ride from Vivian. :$ :$ :$ Country fair is quite boring, tbh. I end up leaving early.. LOL. I don't go on rides cos it's a waste of money but luckily we all have the amazing race to look forward to! YOY! :D I'M IN THE ORANGE TEAM WITH KRISTINA. :) I wonder if we'll win.. MUAHAHA. >:D

I am not clingy. LOL, JK. BABY, COME BACK. :(