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September 12, 2011 // 6:03 PM

AFTER EXAMS ARE OVER, WHICH IS AFTER ECONOMICS, I AM GOING TO WATCH THE HANGOVER AGAIN! Omg, i'm so happy everything ends on Friday cos then i get to watch Jersey Shore and browse youtube without feeling guilty! YAYAYAYAYAY! I haven't gone shopping in a long time... but i can't cos i'd feel too bad. :( I WANT TO SET MY PHONE ON FIRE, EFFING KAJKAKASDJASJD. :( I wish i had a job, seriously. CAN I JUST MOW SOMEONE'S LAWN? Spanks. HAHAHA.

HOLY BALLS. THE ART EXAM WAS SO EFFING HARD. FIRST OF ALL, I DID NOT STUDY PROPERLY AND NOTHING WENT INTO MY HEAD. SECONDLY, I'M DUMB. LASTLY, i'm dumb so it's kinda difficult to make shit up that sounds good. :( Dude, it was so hard that i would say ENGLISH WAS MUCH EASIER. LOL. I was right! HANCOCK NEVER MAKES US DO WORK SO THE PRACTICE ESSAY HE MADE US DO WAS ACTUALLY USEFUL. LMAO. YAY. I just hope i get over 20... DON'T JUDGE ME COS I'M DUMB. Every time i think i go okay... I REALLY DON'T SO I'M GONNA ANTICIPATE A BAD MARK. I only really want to do good in maths and english... :(

During an exam, i like to watch people write... it's weird. I don't know why but it's so calming. I know i should be stressing out cos instead of writing, i'm watching everyone else write. I HAS ISSUES. LOL. OMG, I HATE IT WHEN I LOOK UP TO THINK AND THE TEACHER IS LOOKING RIGHT AT ME. Oh man, they probably think i'm trying to copy someone. WELL, THEY SHOULD KNOW IT IS TOO DIFFICULT TO DO THAT UNLESS I WANT TO COPY A DIAGRAM. LOL. The tables are spread too far apart to do anything. HAHAHA. For some reason, this reminds me of japanese in year 8 and everyone in the back row copied each other. One person would do the question then the other would copy with the person next to them copying as well... and so on. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I think the teacher noticed. OMG, THIS REMINDS ME IN YEAR 7 I PLAGIARISED AND THE GERMAN TEACHER NOTICED. Come on.. IT WAS JUST ONE PARAGRAPH. How did she even know?! :(

So, it turns out my exam writing is really ugly and hard to read. LMAO. It is true, teachers usually say write neater to me. AS A TREAT FOR THE MARKER, I WROTE AS NEAT AS I COULD. HAHAHA. Not really.. but i tried to slow down a little so i could loop my a's and stuff. HOW VERY KIND OF ME! HAHAHA. Future doctor, right here! LOL.

Vivian reminded me that i haven't seen her in 4 days! I didn't even noticed. LMAO. I feel like i haven't seen anyone around... it feels like forever since i've talked to Liza and Vangaysa! :'(

CAN YOU BELIEVE INFORMAL IS NEXT WEEK? I make it sound like it's so closeby. HAHAHA. I CAN'T WAIT TO WATCH PEOPLE ARRIVE. HAHAHA. HOW EXCITING. Jenny likes boys in skinnies, blazers and shoes... you should've seen her face when she said that. She was so turned on.. BEWARE BOYS COS JENNY IS OUT TO GET YA. HAHAHAHAHAHA. I kinda don't wanna miss out on peak cos i can tell the work is just gonna get harder and i am dumb so i wouldn't be able to catch up that easily. :'( OH MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN. :(

THERE IS STILL THIS CUT IN MY MOUTH. ME NO COMPREHENDO.. :( DR CHOW, HELP ME.. :( HAHAHAHA. Oh yeah, the only person ruthless enough to blog during exams is me. COME ON GUISE. Especially Anne... i've been waiting for more than a week for her to update her blog. :((( She better tell me her story tomorrow.

I'm gonna study for maths now... people are aiming to get into the top 40... i just wanna get 70%+. I think i'll stay in 3u maths cos i'd need like... 30% to be kicked out. HAHAHAHA. SO YEAH. I just wanna beat my half yearly mark but i highly doubt it cos i haven't been listening the whole time in maths. For some reason, there are just certain topics where I FULL LISTEN IN CLASS, DO MY HOMEWORK AND ASK QUESTIONS. Oh man, i regret not being like that all year. :(