I have bitch face syndrome.

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September 5, 2011 // 9:47 PM

Ah, my first exam is on Friday and i has done nuffingz. Omg... WELL, MY PLAN TO STUDY EARLY DID NOT TURN OUT VERY WELL. HAHAHAHA. I'm probably gonna end up studying the day before... i really hope not though. :(

I hope Keegan lets me go without shoes. HAHAHAHA. YAY, already gots monayez. I told my mum what i was planning to do and she called me dumb. Not a surprise. I'm gonna look like a hobo so bad. HAHAHAHA. OMG, i should go to the library after school cos it's better than catching the bus home with people staring at my feet as i walk onto the bus. THEY'LL THINK I'M CRAZY. MAYBE THERE WILL BE HOT PEOPLE AT THE LIBRARY THEN I'LL ASK THEM TO SPONSOR ME, THEN THEY'LL KNOW ME. Aw yeah, genius. I highly doubt that will happen but yeaaaaaah. If i get no one decides to sponsor me, i'll tell my mum to give me $10 and i'll write my aim was $10. HAHAHA. YAY!

I WISH I COULD READ PEOPLE'S MINDS. You NEVER know what people are truly thinking. I think of really random shit sometimes so other people must be the same. I should also learn to keep my mouth shut. I have a bad habit of saying what i think... LOL. Sorry guise. THE TRUTH IS BETTER THAN LIES. That reminds me, i hate liars and people who are two faced. Omg. LOL. I CAN GO ON FOREVERRRRRRR. I should really just call kids helpline to tell them about my dumb ass, teenage problems. LOL.

It's so awkward when the person you're tweeting about retweets your tweet. YEAH, I SAID TWEETS 3 TIMES. But seriously, it's so awkard. HOW CAN YOU BE SO BLIND? OMG, WHAT IS WORSE IS WHEN PEOPLE TWEET ABOUT YOU AND IT'S REALLY OBVIOUS THEY'RE DIRECTING IT AT YOU. Come on, you might as well have included my name in there. LOL. T_T

Aw, i was full on a roll with blogging then i got sad. HAHAHA. SOZZZZ. This post is gonna be a short one... like your dick. HAHAHA. lup u long tym guise