I have bitch face syndrome.

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September 7, 2011 // 8:28 PM

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JULIA!!! YAAAAAAAAAY! We've been friends for over 4 years now. HOLY BALLS!! WE HAVE TO HAVE A HUGE CELEBRATION WHEN IT'S OUR 10TH YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF OUR FRIENDSHIP. I am not gay, i am dead serious. YAY!!! I'm glad i convinced you to go informal cos i knew you were full excited to SLUT UPPP! HAHA. Damn hoe. We've been through so much shit together and you've always been there for me over the years. :) Remember that you need someone to cry with, laugh with or just talk to... I AM HERE. LMAO. GOSH, I SOUND LIKE SUCH A FAGGOT.. BUT IT'S TRUE. HAHAHAHAHA. For the time we've been friends, i know you have been in love with me, always trying to seduce me and shit, but our friendship is stronger than that so i ignored your feelings. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Funny cos it's true. Can't help it if you think i'm so damn sexy! -hairflick- I trust you a lot and i tell you stuff i've probably never had told anyone before. FEEL SPECIAL. :$ After high school, people will drift apart but i know that we'll be friends 5eva. HAHAHA. Seriously bro, i love you. I hope you've had a wonderful day! :) P.S. put a bra on when you're webcamming with me... or a top not so low cut. Lup u. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

I look really ugly when i cry, so this is why i like to have a soft cry in the corner, when no one is looking. :( HAHAHAHAHA. So embarrassing. I hate seeing people cry... LMAO. Damn Margaret. It was a domino effect. I started crying when i went in for a hug. HAHAHAHA. :((((( JUST TOO SAD. MR CARTER IS HUGE... i can't even wrap my arms around him properly. Aw, he's so cool. :( Even if i hated economics, i liked the teacher. HAHAHAHA. :D Well, i really do hope that he has fun playing golf and driving across the country in his new car. Duh patootie.. hehe. Margaret made the best card ever.. it's so cute. I just wanna leave this school so she makes me an awesome card. ROFLMAO. :$

I don't know if i'm doing art anymore. Dude, i'm so shit at it. LOL. I'm really inconsistent... maybe cos i don't try but that is really not the point. I never really know how i'm gonna do... dis is bad. :( I wouldn't know what i would do for my body of work. I really like my art class but i'm sure they wouldn't care if i dropped it, LOL.

Shit, i am not going to finish studying in time. LOL. FACK. I have to write a feature article, study for maffs AND ART. BALLLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF. ;((((((( This is after i finish studying for physics... SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTTT. Gon' die. :( :( :( I think the reason why i'm feeling sad is cos i'm running out of time and i know i'm screwed over for my exams real bad. LOL. I can't wait for the stage where i go crazy and laugh at everything because there is no hope left for me.