I have bitch face syndrome.

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September 23, 2011 // 3:31 PM

INFORMAL WAS YESTERDAY AND I LOVE OUR GRAADDDDE! It's events like these that allows you to appreciate your grade so much more. :$ Omfg, all the girls were so hot.. seriously. I was on the verge of turning into a lesbian.. HOT DAMN! HAHAHA. I love you all.. so beautiful. I will never forget that night. LOLOL.

I went to Grace's house to get driven to the wharf! There was me, Grace, Jacquie, Jenny, Wendy and Yvy! We waited for an hour. LOL. WE WERE MEANT TO GET THERE AT 4 BUT WE LEFT AT 10 MINUTES TO 4. Whoops. LMAO. Meanwhile, we just took pictures and ate two pieces of bread cos i was hungry. LIVING THE GOOD LIFE. GRACE'S SISTER IS SO DAMN CUTE. Grace says she likes me but she doesn't even talk to me. :( I will come over during the holidays and we can watch the lion king!

We got to the wharf in less than half an hour.. which would've taken an hour if i caught the train, so... THANKS GRACE FOR SAVING ME TIME AND MONEY. HEHEHE. It was so exciting watching people slowly arrive. :$ We really underestimated the boat cos some shitty boats went by and we all screamed 'THAT MUST BE OURS!' Hahaha.

The first hour or two went by quite slowly. The food was shit but luckily i drowned it in salt. HAHAHA. IT MADE EVERYTHING BETTER. When you walked in, balloons covered the ceiling but somehow they got up onto the second floor, some even outside. LOL. Albert, Genevieve, Liza, Nick and I sucked in helium like idiots. HAHAHAHAHA. IT WAS REALLY FUN! Omfg, it was so crazy. I think Liza was a little too high and it scared me. LOL. :(

Poor Kokkinis was sea sick. :( Poor baby.. so i kept her company. :D Omfg, we went upstairs and it was so damn windy. As i was walking up the stairs, i felt so unable and was gonna fall into the freaking water. I don't know why people went up there.. so cold. :( I went down to the dancefloor once.. omfg, it made me so dizzy. LOL. So noisy and too many lights.. too much for me to handle. HAHAHA.

Kristina felt like vomitting so she puked in the sink. HAHAHAHAHAHA. YUCCCK. YOU COULD SEE THE PASTA CHUNKS AND EVERYTHING. LOL. :( She was feeling horribad. :c Jacquie went off to dance and i just chilled with Kokkinis. 8) Yah, i was pretty bored but i was too lazy to dance.. dun matter. HAHAHA.

Somehow i ended up on the dancefloor. LMAO. It was so hot down there but everyone's glowsticks looked really pretty, especially Danica's and Annie's. 8) I'm probably a bad dancer but i don't give a shit cos i can't see myself. HAHAHAHA. I never want to see myself dance cos it'll be like hearing my voice in a video.. just YUCK. LOL. Well, pretty much for the last two hours we all danced and stood by the window when it got too hot.

The guys were acting freakishly gay, which obviously exposed their selves. LOL. Seriously, they were just grinding up on one pole.. COME ON GUYS. THERE ARE 4 POLES TO SHARE AROUND. HAHAHAHAHA. Yes, there was also a gay circle. LMAO. The songs we requested weren't even played... THEY DIDN'T EVEN PLAY NEVER GONNA GIVE YOU UP OR MS NEW BOOTY.. seriously, how hard is it to be a dj? I don't think we even needed a dj... could've just plugged a laptop to speakers and bam! WE'RE DONE.

I don't think people understand me when i say piss off. Honestly, the look on my face should instantly hint either #1 i am not in the mood to talk or #2 i don't like you... That shit can seriously ruin my whole day. I'm the kind of person that replays bad situations in my head. LOL. Maybe that's why i felt so lazy yesterday... heh.

Coming home is the worst cos you get tagged in all the shitty photos. Then you see all the pictures of your hot friends and your self esteem hits rock bottom so you just continue to eat your ice cream while crying. HAHAHAHA. Omfg, i hate people who are able to make an ugly face without looking ugly (e.g. Liza and Jacquie) whereas when i do it.. OH GAWD. DAT SHIT IS JUST HIDEOUS. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

SUPPOSEDLY SUBJECT SELECTION FORMS WERE DUE TODAY.. uhh.. i didn't even decide on what i'm dropping yet. EFF DA WORLD. They can't stop me from dropping my subjects.. no way gurlfran. Luckily i'm not alone so we are all in this together! :(

I have the weirdest msn names... ultra virgin, fa'nay nay (which actually means vagina but i didn't know... how funny), bubba (the scary black guy in gaol that'll buttrape you) and now patrick.. DON'T JUDGE ME. I AM COOL.

The fact that we're in year 12 now scares me. It's all serious and i can't handle that pressure. :( It's so easy to feel like shit at school cos sometimes i think no matter how hard i try, i will never reach the standard of everyone else. Sow sad. :c