I have bitch face syndrome.

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September 25, 2011 // 11:21 PM

One of the good things about the holidays is you can just not wash your hair and not care, like right now. HAHAHA. I should wash my hair but since i'm not gonna see anyone tomorrow.. eff dat shit. Just wash it when it gets unbearable. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. HEY, at least i still shower everyday.

Ah, i thought holidays was gonna be so exciting cos of the shitload of group outings we organised but i'm so lazy. I just want to stay home and try do my homework. Note the word try... trying to do my homework would involve a lot of procrastination... HAHAHA. I swear i'm gonna get fat for the rest of this year and next year... I don't think i'll be able to maintain my beautiful phsyique. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I'm eating milo cereal atm. My mum bought the duo one cos it's on sale and of course i only like the black ones. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

I went to a catch up class for physics today and it was useless cos the class was a week behind. Anne is a genius. No way am i paying for that lesson. We even had to do the quiz again, ffs. LMAO. Not cool. Anne also noticed that Duyen Nguyen has lost some weight.. I KNEW SOMETHING WAS DIFFERENT ABOUT HIM. OMFG. Wow, such a dramatic change. Holy balls. HAHAHAHA.

The thing i hate most about maths is it can put me in the worst mood cos once i am stuck on a question... i just want to dig myself a hole and die in it. It leaves me feeling useless and so stupid. :( Then when i finally find someone to help me, i feel like crap for not getting it the first time. LMAO. Bloody maths. I'm starting to like english more than maths... what has the world come to?! Dis shit is ridiculous. I'm not good at any of them.. eff da world. Lyf so unfair. HAHAHA.

I can't believe we're in year 12 now. I don't think i'll be able to handle the workload cos i'm too dumb and i like to take my sweet ass time. HAHAHAHAHAHA. Oh man... i was to savour these holidays as much as possible but i'm bloody capped for the next 5 days. ISN'T THIS WONDERFUL? What a great way to spend the holidays. T_T

Facebook is such a scary place. The internet in general is such a scary place. YOU DON'T KNOW WHO IS STALKING YOU. Grace and I are changing all our privacy settings. LMAO. Bloody facebook is so shit with privacy. WHY MUST IS BE SO CONFUSING!?!? :(

I'm going to the library with Julia tomorrow! YAAAAAY! We can do work and she can help me with maffs. YOY!!