I have bitch face syndrome.

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September 27, 2011 // 10:07 PM

[Please pretend there is a picture here. I'm too capped to go on tumblr. SEE, I MADE IT ALL COLOURFUL AND SHIT SO IT KINDA LOOKS PRETTY. LMAO. :(]

I had such a great day today! Yaaaaaay! It was better than expected.. HAHAHA, SOZ MICHELLE. Shopping is honestly really boring but the amount of fun you have just depends on who you're with. Today i realised Michelle and i understand each other really well, whilst everyone just thinks we're embarrassing freaks, which explains why our friendship has remained so strong. LOL. She is one of the few people that can be mean to me and i will never take the stuff she says to heart. HAHAHA. If she read this, she would call me gay. :(

I tried to help Michelle find a foundation and concealer but that didn't turn out very well cos her face ended up all patchy and colourful. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. OMFG, when she washed her hands the water turned brown... ewwwwww.

We're such cheap asses cos we were debating on whether or not to split a $2.35 iced coffee on clearance at woolworths. We took 15 minutes to decide and ended up putting it back. LUCKILY FOR US, we replaced that 500mL drink with 1.75L worth of GINGER BEER AND LEMON, LIME BITTERS. HAHAHAHAHAHA. We looked like such hard cunts drinking out of that ginger beer bottle together. All we needed to complete the look was a brown paper bag and bum bags.

YAY!!! ANNE CAN TEXT ME NOW. Time to be needy and blow up her phone. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

I am really bad at comforting people. I never have the right words to say. I always feel awkward when people seek comfort from me cos all i can provide them with is a shoulder to cry on... no wise words, sorreh. I can try to make them laugh but even then I'M STILL NOT MAKING MUCH OF A DIFFERENCE.

Michelle told me she cries a lot... I TOLD HER I HAVE MANNED UP AND THAT I HAVEN'T CRIED IN SO LONG. Funnily enough, i cried just now. Wtf is wrong with me?! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Such an emotional little bitch. LOL.

I just finished copying out the theory i missed out on last week and i felt so depressed writing it down. Now, when i'm looking at the mathematical background of GPE... I JUST WANT TO CRY. IT'S A WHOLE BUNCH OF NUMBERS AND LETTERS WHICH I STRUGGLE TO UNDERSTAND. Only if i were smart.. everything would be so much easier.

I have realised lately that i have quite a low self esteem, despite the things people have been saying to me. I never used to feel this way... I DON'T KNOW WHAT HAS HAPPENED. I don't like what i see in the mirror and i think i'm dumb as shit. HAHAHAHAHAHA. However, i am one of those people that don't really do anything about it, except put on make up.. which doesn't make much of a difference. Putting on make up is such a commitment cos once you don't have it on, people think 'OH DIS BITCH IS ONLY GOOD LOOKING COS SHE GOT MAKE UP ON'. Oh well... MY BEAUTIFUL AND KIND HEART WILL TAKE ME VERY FAR IN LIFE. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA.

I can't be bothered with all these outings now. I JUST WANT TO EITHER GO TO THE LIBRARY TO TRY AND DO MY WORK OR SLEEP IN TILL 12 AND CHILL TILL MIDNIGHT. I complain too much over the most stupid shit. LMAO. SOZ, mah blogz.

I wonder if i'll still blog once i'm done with school. Maybe i'll stop cos i might finally have a life.. might. LMAO. Seriously, all i blog about is school.. what else would there be? OH MAN. The future scares me. LOL. :( SO. UNPREDICTABLE. WAH.

Since i'm bored, i'm gonna write anonymous notes/letters to people cos i'm too pussy to tell them how i feel. HAHAHAHAHA. This is just like in back in the day... OH HO HO. This would always stir up shit. The things i'm gonna say are nothing serious. HAHAHAHA. Gonna be all mysterious and sexy, YKNOW?! THE USUAL.. HAHAHAHAHA.
#1 Please tell me the reason why you treat me differently to before.
#2 I'm sick of pretending that i care. I don't even know if i'm acting like my true self around you.
#3 I don't know if i like you or i hate you.