I have bitch face syndrome.

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September 24, 2011 // 7:00 PM

Sometimes i wish i was a loner cos then maybe i'd be a little smarter. LOL. I had heaps of shit to blog about before but idk, all those thoughts just ran away from me. :(

I get pissed off quite easily and the person i'm mad at never knows. This lead me to think... WHAT IF PEOPLE GET PISSED OFF AT ME LIKE THAT? Cos i know that i can get really angry at certain people. LOL. Then again, the people i get most pissed at can usually bring out the best in me, like my family and... HAHAHAHA. If i have crazy mood swings at the age of 17.. THAT'S SO WEIRD THAT I'M 17 NOW... anyway, YEAH.. imagine me when i have menopause. Omfg, it will be horrible.

There are so many event invites on facebook. After informal, i was so excited to go out and shit but now all i want to do is stay home and eat. I miss school. There's no one to talk to unless it's online or you text them. :( You can't really talk to anyone properly unless you go out which i can't be bothered for. Why am i so needy? HAHAHA. People should just come over everyday and we can go get slurpees. I really want to go to the beach but i kind of don't want to at the same time cos i will get black and my hard work of staying white will be ruined. :(

Why do i have to be shit at everything cos i don't know if i should drop art or economics... oh man. This sucks. :( I'm clearly very indecisive... don't judge me. :(

Am i intimidating? I think i'm the most un-intimidating person in the world.. just look at me.. LOL. I find good looking people and really smart people intimidating. For good looking people, i feel like they'll judge me cos i am hideous and for geniuses, they'll judge me cos i'm dumb. HAHAHAHA. :(

I think it is true that an insult means much more than a compliment to a girl. If someone complimented me, i'd forget after a week whereas an insult, i would remember for a really long time and trust me, i have bad memory as well. LOL.

I hate how some people act differently online than in real life cos then i don't really know who they really are. LOL. It seems like online is where a person acts more like themselves. Pls explain. PLEASE.

I wish there was someone always available to talk. It seems like everyone has lives now. :(