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September 16, 2011 // 10:57 PM

Yay, exams are finally over and i have established that none of my marks are gonna improve. The worst exam i've done is art... surprisingly enough. :( Ag and eco was on today... I had a two day break to 'study' but of course i regret it. I can't follow plans and tick off things on the lists i make. There is something really wrong with me. LOL.

I'm not that excited for informal... It better be good or i'll cry. Oh well, if it's crap, i'll steal the cake, hide in the corner and eat it as i complain about how crappy everything is. HAHAHA. I don't think that'll happen but... THAT'S IF THE WORST HAPPENS. We need to sort out transportation soon! :( How embarrassing... catching the train to the city all slutted up... HAHAHAHA. :(

I always say stupid shit and I should just be mute for the rest of my life. I hate wasting my time on people who just don't care... Don't mind me... JUST HATIN' ON DUH WORLD. When i'm in a bad mood i watch Ian and Anthony cos they never EVER fail to make me laugh. Seriously, i don't care if i've said this before, go check them out.

I was watching The Zookeeper with my mum today and the same things always happens in movies. LOL. I was just thinking... is there such thing of running out of ideas or are imaginations really limitless cos i am confused. HAHAHA. DON'T JUDGE ME. :(

At least i have something to look forward to tomorrow! YAY! :D I'm going to Lisa the gay's house! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY! Ah, i love being able to go wherever i want without the thought of having to go home to study! YAY! I might go Livo too... i wanna buy stationary.. OMG. I NEED A WHITEBOARD. YUS, I SHALL GO TO LIVO TOMORROW. THEN I TRY SHAKER FRIES!!!! YAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!! :D :D :D

Since making lists is really fun, I'M GONNA MAKE A LIST OF THE THINGS THAT MAKE ME HAPPY!
Things that make me happy:
- Eating spicy tom yum mama noodles
- Sriracha chilli sauce
- Texting Lisa and Michelle... I AM NOT GAY. :(
- People who care about you
- Moments where you laugh in time with somebody
- When my jokes are funny
- When my brother and i get along
- Good songs
- Bargains
- Getting something right which involves maths
- A's
- Laughing with my parents
- Looking up to the clouds and realising how huge the sky is LOL
- Reading Anne and Vivian's blogs