I have bitch face syndrome.

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September 9, 2011 // 8:26 PM

Yesterday at peak, duyen nguyen told us to not to give our money to the receptionist but instead out it in the letterbox or whatever. Then i thought of this song, especially at 0:51, ... and started laughing. LOL. AWKWAAAAAAAAAAARDDDD. It's even worse cos this song is so seductive. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Aw, duyen nguyen is such a patootie, even though he is scary. :( I'm gonna be one of the dumb bitches that fail the first test. Eff.

Speaking of failing, studying is a waste of time. I'm just gonna drop out of school and become a beautician. BYE GUYS. HAHAHAHA.

I didn't realise that we pretty much had our last day of school on Wednesday for year 11. Whoops.. LOL. Ah... then next term we'll be in year 12 and it's all serious business. I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE HOLIDAYS COS THEN WE CAN ALL GO BUY STATIONARY. YYAAAAYYY! I'm gonna buy an english book! I WANT A WHITEBOARD. :O OH MAN. THIS IS JUST TOO EXCITING.

I really love Jersey Shore. It's so trashy but so fun to watch. Big Brother was pretty trashy but i HATED it so, so, so much. Omg... THAT SHOW WAS AWFUL. I don't understand why people liked it. I was only interested in watching Friday night live with the challenges and stuff. HAHAHA. :D When i think about it, i rarely watch tv now. I only watch the Renovators and X-Factor. DON'T JUDGE ME. HAHAHA. X-FACTOR IS A GOOD SHOW! So many good singers... such a surprise. They're so much better than the people who audition for Australian Idol.

JULIA LOVES OLD MEN. Wth. HAHAHAHAHAHA! She likes Richard Gere, the old guy in Pretty Woman... THE MOVIE MADE OVER 10 YEARS AGO. LOLOLOL. She also likes chest hair. I think her and Margaret really like manly men. If there is any manly men reading this right now, there are both very available. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I'm kinda sad she isn't going to informal.. i full had my money ready to pay for her today. :'(

I ATE POTATO SCALLOPS TODAY. They weren't as nice as i thought they were. :( Ah, it was such a huuuuuuuge disappointment. I was full excited cos Mitchell shouted us! :D Spanks hoe. LOL. It was so greasy and yuck. Sow sad. I used to feel really bad after eating 3 oreos... LOL. :( I don't feel like that anymore which probably explains my gut. HAHAHAHA. EFFFFF. I'm serious... this gut did not exist before. :( Oh man.. i remember my stomach used to look so beautiful when i woke up in the morning. Wth happened! HAHAHAHA. My love for food has finally made an effect on my bodaye. I gained 4kg.. maybe 3kg... BALLS. Damn it. It's not even to my ass/boobs. LMAO. EFF DIS SHIT. I'll become extremely fat and become a dancing, Youtube sensation.

Listening to Boy Meets Girl by Bei Maejor is so depressing. LMAO. IMAGINE LOVING SOMEONE SO MUCH THAT YOU'D DO ANYTHING FOR THEM AND YOU WOULDN'T SEE ANYONE BUT THEM. I can't see myself having those feelings because i'm a selfish bitch. The closest to romance/love i get is the magical moments i have with Vanessa. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. It's so awkward when you're walking and your hand brushes against someone else's. As in, like you're about to hold hands but you pull away. It's even worse when you both look up with the o_o look on your face. I used to have these moments with Jacqueline a lot. IT WAS AWKWARRRDDD. When they don't look up, i try to gradually move away but i'm usually too slow and my arms swing too much, so i end up touching their ass. LOL. Yes, this is the story of my life.

Ryan Higa has really nice arms. Omg. PLEASE MARRY ME.