I have bitch face syndrome.

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October 15, 2011 // 6:35 PM

I feel like all my life consists of is being bored on the internet and doing homework.. LMAO. If you were to ask me what i'm doing, i'm doing either one of those. LOL. I have a feeling my life is only go downwards from here.

I LOVE MY WHITEBOARD. I full write shit on there and i actually cross things off my to do list so yay. :'D Like many people, i really love writing to do lists... but whenever i did write to do lists i would NEVER cross anything off. THAT'S JUST HOW PRODUCTIVE I AM. WOOTWOOT

Peak on Thursday was so intense. The teacher was going so fast and i was prepared to smash my head into the wall cos i'm too dumb to process information that quickly. At the rate we're going, i might end up changing classes. HAHAHAHA. I really want to sit in the front next week... lets hope that guy doesn't sit with us again... Maybe he was the reason why i couldn't focus. I'm already slow and to have the sound of that annoying cunt near me just made things worse. SDFSDJFSDKJSFFDSSSJJAHSHSADJHDAJSHDSA. Oh yeah, i am the kind to be able to admit to my faults but i hate the kind of people that like to point them out in a way where they think they're better than me. I really can't stand that. LUCKILY FOR THE WORLD, i don't stay angry for long cos it's so time consuming to hate on people.

I went to the library today! I didn't get much work done, as always. I CAME UP WITH AN IDEA. I should make Saturday my DO-ALL-MY-TUTOR-HOMEWORK DAY. Someone help me with physics, pls. I want to cry at the sight of it. I hate not understanding stuff cos if everyone gets it, why not me? What is the difference between me and them?! :( Sow sad. SHUCK DA WORLD. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

I'm still deciding on what subject to drop. I don't really like the idea i came up with Mrs Coombes for my body of work. LOL. FOR SOME STRANGE REASON, I THINK IT'LL END UP LOOKING LIKE SHIT. I think our grade is gonna be really good!!!! LIKE, EVERYONE IS SO CREATIVE AND TALENTED!!! It will definitely be better than what i've seen in the past few years!!! :D

We had to do a prac yesterday during physics but we didn't do shit. I only remember ever doing one prac properly and we didn't even have to write anything about it... LOL. GOOD ONE GUYS. We only mucked around yesterday and i regret it. :( Oh well, it was funny seeing Kenny have 'BIG DIEP' taped to his back and Mr Trotter and Martin touch themselves. HAHAHAHAHA. Sow paranoid, sow silly. LMAO. There was a really funny moment that i missed out on... I TURNED AROUND AT THE WRONG TIME AND EVERYONE STARTED LAUGHING. :( :( :(

2 BROKE GIRLS IS THE BEST SHOW EVER AND I RECOMMEND EVERYONE WATCH IT. It has quickly become my new favourite show. Seriously, you'll be laughing at every minute of it. I LOOOOOVE ITTTTTTTT. Project Runway is also a good show but i think it's being uploaded now. IT'S THE FINALE. YAAAAAY!!! I'm gonna watch Project Runway and do my tutor hw now!!! YIPEEEEE! :D :D :D