I have bitch face syndrome.

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October 10, 2011 // 7:21 PM

I'm so glad to be back at school, despite having to wake up 3 hours earlier than i usually do and face year 12. OH MAH GAD. Tbh, it doesn't feel like year 12... just feels like school. I don't know how i ended going to sleep at 2 this morning cos i was in bed by 11:30. :( THEN I DECIDED TO SKIP OFFLINE! Not like i missed out on much anyway!

I WAS BOMBARDED WITH EXAM MARKS TODAY. :( THEY WERE ALL BETTER THAN WHAT I EXPECTED BUT YOU MUST KNOW THAT MY EXPECTATIONS ARE VERY LOW. :$ Ah, i think everyone full raised my hopes up for maths cos i don't know if it was 64% or 64/80 but 64% sounds more realistic... LOL. THESE BITCHES. HAHAHAHA. :( Oh wellz. I was actually thinking of keeping eco!!! Mr Gippel makes it seem so interesting... LOL. I have a feeling he still remembers me cos i'm that dumb... but hopefully he just remembers the smart ones. LOL. I can't do 13 units cos only 10 units would count so I WOULD HAVE TO DROP ART!?!?!?!! Oh balls. :( WHAT TO DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

I did okay in english... to some, they may think i've done well but in comparison to everyone else i've done okay... :( JENNY AND JACQUELINE DID SO WELLL!!!!!! YAYAYAYAYA!!!!!! THANKS FOR IMPROVING OUR BACK ROW'S REPUTATION!!! That reminds me... Hancock was reading out the feedback sheet and he said some of us shouldn't have shortened homosuburbiensis to 'homo'. He looked at our row and i thought 'what dumb ass did that?! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA.' Then i looked down to my paper and realised it was me.... HAHAHAHSDJAKJDHAKHDJAHAAHAHAHA. Whoops. I WENT UP 50 RANKS!!! Ah... my speech brought me down so badly... if i got 10 instead of 7 i might've been 27 like Jacquie... being in the 20's sounds so much nicer. OH WELL, IT ALL RESETS SO IT DOESN'T MATTER. WOOTWOOT

Well, i was trying to draw collarbones and i haven't finished yet. I'm so tempted to just not do any of my homework and draw. LOL. :( OH DA SAD LIFE I LIVE. I stuck it up on my whiteboard.. YAY!!! I LIKE MY WHITEBOARD BUT I WISH I KNEW WHAT TO WRITE ON IT... it looks quite depressing atm. I full organised my study space!! IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL... not really. IT'S COS OF MY BLUE AND RED FOLDERS. They look so cute lined up together. :$

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MARGARET! I couldn't write her a long birthday message cos i was on my phone. :( SO I'LL WRITE A LONG ASS MESSAGE HERE. OH HO HO HO. You have the best blog ever, seriously. I always end up in tears.. it's even funnier than Anne's and i used to think Anne's blog was the best ever. SORRY ANNE. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. You're always there for me when i need you but i know you'd sacrifice me if we were in a horror movie, cos you've told me yourself that you're a little pussy. LOL. I love your eyebrows and how we can talk about pretty much anything. HEHEHEHE. I really admire how much you care for your family. :$ I am sad that you didn't invite me to your birthday bbq though. I'm pretty much family!!! HAHAHAHA, jk. I have a really bad problem with paragraphing but since this is no english essay, i don't give a shit. LOL. Anyway, you have so much going for you, you're beautiful, smart and one funny bitch which will take you far in life. :$ This is getting all sappy and faggy... ROFLMAO. I HATE YOU AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BITTTTTTTTCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCH!!!!!!