I have bitch face syndrome.

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October 18, 2011 // 10:01 PM

Hello. I did not get food poisoning from Julia's cake. I am a survivor. HAHAHA, just kidding. It was really nice. :$ I have tried making cake and it always tastes like shit so... GOOD JOB, JULIA! :) Apparently our group is doing some indian dance? HAHA. Does that mean we're out of the vietnamese dance? :( Oh well. I'm too unco to do anything so i guess it's just better for everyone.

Omgsh, I HAD AN EPIPHANY AT 1 AM THIS MORNING. It was mind blowing. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Nah, not really. I was just really sad then i began thinking too much then bam! AN EPIPHANY.

Since i have pms, i have a lot of shit to complain about. LMAO. Funnily enough, i wanted to rant about people who complain too much. I know i complain a lot but i try to keep that shit to myself so i don't annoy everyone else. Some people don't do that and i have to endure their shit. I hate faking a smile, it feels so weird. LOL. :( The things you gotta do to avoid hurting people's feelings. At least i'm considerate, okay?

I always complain about the same thing but I DON'T CARE. People who force me to listen to them talk and talk and talk about shit i don't even care about... get out. Those are the people that never listen to me. It's pretty much a one sided conversation.... What kind of friend are you? I could easily be like 'ok, bye' but i don't. If i did that to them, they'd be sad, right? I'd rather see my friend happy than sad. However, it's not the same the other way around. Sometimes i feel like i'm taken for granted.

I really don't like it when people tell me what to do in a rude way, like 'DO THIS FOR ME.' Does that mean they think they're superior to me? lol

Okay, i feel better now. You can just disregard everything i just said. LMAO. Bye.