I have bitch face syndrome.

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October 27, 2011 // 9:50 PM

I'VE BEEN COMPARING MYSELF TO OTHER PEOPLE AGAIN SO NOW I'M SAD. It's just sad knowing that there will always someone better than you, smarter than you, funnier than you, better looking than you, nicer than you. :( I always feel sorry for myself... why must you judge? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Yah, idk. Then again, there's always someone that is worser off than you so i guess i can't complain? IDGAF, suck mah balls everyone.

It's a scary feeling that everything we do now counts and most of what we're learning is gonna be in our hsc exam. Yet i still mess around and shit like it means nothing. LOL. Bad habits die hard.

I think i underestimate myself a lot which might be the reason why i give up so easily.

I was reading on tumblr (this is the only reading i do HAHAHA) and omgsh, people come up with shit i can relate to. I'M QUITE SURPRISED. I THINK I'VE SAID THIS BEFORE BUT I WISH I HAD SOMEONE I COULD JUST TALK TO ANYTIME I WANTED. Someone i could tell all my secrets to, someone who will just listen and i wouldn't have to be afraid of being judged. :( This someone sounds like a mythical creature or at least a robot. HAHAHAHAHA. I AM BAD AT EXPLAINING THINGS, OK? BUT I HOPE YA'LL GET MEH.

This got me to thinking.... I REALLY MISS MICHELLE. :( I can honestly say that half of the people i'm friends with i will definitely drift away from when we're done with high school. Idk, you can just tell. LOL. MICHELLE AND I WILL BE BEST FRIENDS 5EVA. But srsly, i could go without seeing her for months and our friendship would be as strong as ever. Then there's people i see almost everyday and i still feel awkward around them. LOL. SO WEIRD, HUH?

I might end up dropping out of the hat dance cos i'm too unco. LMAO. I CAN IMAGINE MYSELF DROPPING THE HAT AND EVERYONE LAUGHING. Omgsh, how embarrassing. Omfg, i have to wear that ao ba ba thing. I might as well wear my pyjamas. ROFLMAO.

My blog is so repetitive, even saying it's repetitive is repetitive... eurgh. Lets end this shitty post on a happier note.

** HAS ANYONE EATEN TOMATO FLAVOURED NOODLES BEFORE???? EVER???? I will find someone that has.