I have bitch face syndrome.

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October 22, 2011 // 4:23 PM

Me yesterday... HAHAHAHAHAHA. I LOVE KAT DENNINGS. Shit, she is funny. I'm going on a tv show ban... well, restriction and i'm gonna do it this time. :(((((((((( I WATCHED 4 HOURS WORTH OF RINGER ON THURSDAY. HOLY SHIT. LMAO. :( Jersey Shore and Project Runway pretty much finished so i only have Ringer and 2 Broke Girls to watch now! TOGETHER, THEY MAKE AN HOUR. I'll only watch shows on Friday. I don't know if i can control myself. LOL. Vanessa better not talk to me about how good the latest episodes are when they come out or i might crack. :(

Julia, Liza and I have the same true love. HAHAHAHAHSJDAHAAHA. The 10 questions game is dumb but idk, it's so fun to play. LOL. I LOVE PLAYING GAMES. HOW DO I GOOGLE FOR GAMES LIKE THIS?? AHAHAHA. OMG. I haven't played gay chicken in so long. I don't think people like playing with me cos i'm just too gay.

I was waiting for my dad to pick me up from the library and i overheard this guy explaining to this year 12 girl what congruent meant. OH SWEET BABY JEEBUS. KJLFDKSJFSDKJFSLFS. Oh em gee. I also found out that my cousin is 24 meaning he has been in uni for 6 years. Holy shit. LMAO. But he works at the same time so yah. THAT'S AGEESSSS, HOLY BALLS. SOME PEOPLE PLAN TO BE MARRIED BY THEN. Time goes by so quickly.

Life is too short to be unhappy. :( Margaret is so right about comparing yourself to others. OMGSH, I ALWAYS FEEL SO SHIT WHEN I COMPARE MYSELF TO OTHERS. Damn Margarie, you so smartz. Idk, i kinda do it subconsciously even when i don't want to. LOL. Ah, i want to talk to Margaret now but i think she's at tutoring. :( She suggested for me to read this self help book. BAHAHAHAHAHA. I think it has everything i need, like controlling anger. HAHAHA. Oh, you know me so well.

I've realised that i've said that i really don't like people that complain too much, especially about stupid shit, but i have also noticed i can be quite annoying myself. NOT SURPRISINGLY, I GOT MY PERIODS TODAY. IT EXPLAINS THAT EMOTIONAL EXPLOSION I HAD YESTERDAY. I think i should quit telling people when i'm mad cos that feeling goes away so quickly that they'll think i'm still mad at them when i'm not anymore. LOL. Soz for being such a hypocrite.

I don't think i'm going to keep art anymore cos i don't really have any interest in it besides the pracs. LOL. Like, i like some movements but i know i'll be lazy about art and not commited so yah. :s I can just be artistic in my spare time. 8) HAHA.

OMGSH, I WANT TO MAKE SOME SKIRTS. Short, flowy ones. HEHE. I think maxi skirts make me look fat. ROFLMAO. MY MUM BOUGHT A PLEATED MAXI SKIRT AND I TRIED IT ON... OMG, i'm just gonna leave it to the supermodels cos i look like a pregnant bitch in it. HAHAHA. HOW EMBARRASSING. :(


I like being trusted with a secret, hehehe.