I have bitch face syndrome.

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October 9, 2011 // 9:44 PM
Quotes from Marge's blog

- Well then, i start to imagine myself as a korean idol and then i really want to live in korea then i get all soppy and depressed cause im not in korea, then i think about how there life is soo tough cause you get scounted and then have to train for many years before you debut and you rarely see your family… then i think about not seeing my fammily then i get sad and think that being a korean idol is really bad but then its would be soo nice cause i get to date a korean star but yeah.
- I felt soo selfconscious and scared that he was some animal activist and might follow me home and bash me. STOP LOOKING! ITS A BLOODY MARINATED DUCK YOU IDIOT!?!?!?!
- IT JUST FEELS LIKE IM RUBBING WATER ON MYSELF, no creamy satisfaction :(.
- ::))) ( FOUR EYES)
- I have hooded lids. And in 99.99999% of photos i look like im about to kill someone!!! the other.00000011 is because my eyes are too small and im not looking.
- Ok, i have just come to the conclusion after looking back at all my Facebook photos that i really am a BLACK CHILD!! ... And the other thing is, im not just dark im like reddish black which makes you ten times blacker than if you were yellow black. OHMIIGOT!
- I love my Lipton black tea. I never actually knew it was black tea until wendy told me she liked it and i was like WTF? BLACK TEA??? Then i went home and realised i drink black tea too. Yeah .. what a weird name. Seriously, if you want to sell it needs to be called FRENCH VANILLA or some random gibberish like ujjuejd