I have bitch face syndrome.

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November 19, 2011 // 10:58 PM
expectation = disappointment

Recap of Wendy's:
I FINALLY WENT ON FACEBOOK AND THE MEXICAN WAVE VIDEO IS SO CUTE! HEHEHE. I went on twitter too.. sow sadz. LOL. :( I can honestly say that when i'm not on the internet, i try to study but i ALWAYS end up eating or sleeping. WEEEWWW!!! Time to fail. I hate eco right now and i can't believe it's worth 25%. Shit balls.

I now realise why i don't have a person to talk to all the time, that cares about every single thing i say and will always know what to say. Well, i feel like i'm that person for some people and it's shit having to pretend that you care. It's not unless the person doesn't do the same for you so i guess you have got to have both each other's backs? LOL. Am i making any sense? Fine. I should really get going and buy a journal so i don't have to force you to endure my nonsense. LOL.

People who have the ability to make everything about themselves... OKAY PEOPLE, stop taking advantage of this ability and shut the hell up.

I really hate it when people say 'never mind', 'don't worry' or 'but i can't tell you' as they're about to tell me something. HOW ABOUT SUCK MY DICK? I DO MIND. I DO WORRY. I DON'T CARE IF YOU CAN'T TELL ME COS YOU JUST TOLD ME THAT THERE'S A SECRET THAT EXISTS WHICH I CAN'T KNOW BUT NOW WANT TO KNOW. SO, IT'S YOUR DAMN FAULT IF I BEGIN TO START DIGGING UP SOME INFORMATION, biatch.

Sorry if i've mentioned this before, but i extremely hate BLACK SHIRTS AND WHITE TIES. THOSE WERE NEVER MEANT TO BE A COMBINATION, EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have never seen ANYONE pull that shit off. NOBODY AT ALL!!!!!!!!!! I love guys in suits though... oh mah gad. When they're slim fitting, BLACK SUIT WITH WHITE SHIRT NEVER FAILLLLLLS. This just makes me think of the smell of yd. Oh yeah, the ultimate man. HAHAHAHA.

I should call Margaret on Saturday nights or she should go on msn cos it seems to be the worst night of the week where i'm all depressed and shit. HAHAHAHAHAHA. This is probably only because i don't have a life. She is the best person to vent to cos she's so supportive and knows what to say! Hehehe.

Maths till 1... GOGOGOGO.... YAYAYAYAYA.

Such a cute love story, hehe.