I have bitch face syndrome.

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November 16, 2011 // 10:37 PM

grace says:
*dude i miss you so much LOL :'(
*even on my music
*i was searching for christmas music
*but i typed
I want to celebrate christmas this year! I don't know how but i want to. AWWWWWWWWWW, GRACE INVITED ME TO HER FAMILY PARTY COS I'M 'PRETTY MUCH FAMILY ANYWAY'. OMGGGSSSSSSSHHH, my heart has been touched. I'm gon' die. WAAAAAAAH. I'M EXCITED FOR OUR CHRISTMAS DINNER. We need to plan that asap cos i'm too excited. HAHAHA. OH YEAH!!!!!! BUFFET AFTER ASSESSMENTS!!!!!! WEWWWWWWWWWWW!!! Me so excitez.

I FINALLY started eco and i have so many tabs open. This always happens when i have an assignment... often i don't finish in one day so i bookmark ALLL OF THEM. THEN WHEN I OPEN THEM NEXT TIME, MY LAPTOP FULL LAGS. I know, cool story. I'd tell it again but i have no time.

I can't wait for Saturday, even though it's so damn close to our first assessments. HEHEHE. YAAAAAAY!!! Library and thai food. :$ Omgsh, that reminds me... i have to finish my eco essay by midnight on Friday (Cinderella, for real HAHA) or else i'll have to pay for Lisa's dinner... that bitch likes to eat too... LMAO. Oh darn-diddly-arn. LOL. STUPID, SEXY CHRISTIE. :$ HAHAHAHA.

Oh mah gad, these people are crazy. HOW DO THEY DO THAT... it's like magic... doesn't it burn when they spin? HAHAHA. 1:41 is.. oh mah gad... body roll upside down on a pole. LOL. WDF. I TOLD YOU IT WAS BLACK MAGIC. 2:40 is even better... oh mah gad. I wish i could do that. :( ahsdjaka

Since i'm just as desperate and sad as Anne, probably a little less, i'm gonna try and be friends with one of my very few readers. HAHAHAHA. HAI WILSON. Lets be frands. I'm cool, ok.

Some weirdo keeps calling/texting Tracey. I WONDER WHO IT IS. WE NEED TO UNCOVER THIS MYSTERY.